How to adopt an ICRSP seminarian

[LEFT]How to Adopt a Seminarian
Our seminarians are very dedicated and generous young men, who are on the path to fulfilling their call to the Holy Priesthood, a call to holiness and service to souls in a world that is in urgent need of returning to of Our Lord. However, they do not always have the financial means to sustain themselves in the course of the seven to nine years it takes to complete the seminary program and be ordained a Priest. [/LEFT]

So then this is not a religious order?

Or is this just a fund that the order uses to help pay the costs required?

The ICRSS is an Order, a Priestly Fraternity much like the FSSP.

I am Entering their Seminary in September, this is to help the Institute pay for the formation of the Semiarians who cannot afford the monthly fee. The current deficit for a year’s formation for all the Seminarians who cannot contribute the full amount, is £50,000 which is around $100,000 (US).

The Institute are not funded by Dioceses, so they rely almost completely on their own businesses (making/selling wine and olive oil) and donations.

I sent them an email with a request to participate in funding a seminarian, and I never heard back. That was a month ago. Maybe I should try again?

…I just emailed them again…

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