How to advise a sister?

Recently a friend of mine who is formation for becoming a sister posted a photo of her community in FB in which one of the consecrated fully professed sisters’ cleavage was visible (to a small extent). I want to advise my friend that she should be careful about posting photos of sisters/women in inappropriate attire. How to go about this?

I am looking for charitable and constructive responses than personal attacks.

I’m not sure there is a delicate way to do this, nor much of a need to. Just let it go.


Let this crusade of yours go. The sisters have more training in this area than you, they know what is acceptable. Praying for you to find the wisdom and inner charity to accept not all your opinions are the only way. This is not an attack, but it is advice from a fellow catholic. Peace.

Were they in habit? You could talk about it indirectly by asking questions about the habit.

Certainly. Why does the poster feel it his responsibility?

They don’t wear habits

In the past they did have nowadays
With nuns chucking habits into dustbin I do see immodestly dressed nuns.

4 months back I wrote to the International president about 3 of their novices/discerners doing Yoga immodest attire (by the standards of the church) and the President did seem to agree to my views. So I think some if not all. of this group members have a modesty problem.

To correct some one who is doing wrong is a Christian virtue.

In this case, this group is a set of gospel preaching sisters.

If some one who attends their Bible classes/retreats see this pic they could easily think that showing a “little bit” is ok because a sister is also showing a “little bit”.

This way, unfortunately, they are setting a bad example although unintentional.

Imagine one woman who see that picture thinks it is ok to show a “little bit” and starts wearing such clothes how many times she is going to sin in her life?
More importantly, such a woman cause many men to sin over her life time

A dress that reveals cleavage even if it is only a tiny bit especially for Catholic sisters is not modest by the standards of the catholic church and in Fatima Mary said about the introduction of fashions that offends the Lord.

Ok, then I am going to correct you by saying that it is not your role or your place to police what other people wear and that you are wrong to do it. Unless you receive a commission from the bishop or the head of a religious order to carry on as such, you should worry more about the plank in your own eye than the speck in another’s.


Interesting. I was not aware that the Church had standards for yoga attire. Can you direct us to that particular code?

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It’s not for you to correct her, it’s for her formation director.

You are over stepping here. I would suggest talking to your priest about this or your spiritual director, if you have one.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Repeat as often as necessary.

I know her formation director during her postulancy (b/w 2014-2015) and she would most probably ask me to directly contact my friend. The current one I don’t personally know.

Tim - do some research about what one particular Pope (b/w 1930-1960 cannot remember his name) have said about modest attire in the past. You will have your query answered.

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:ase don’t bring that one up again. It was written for a specific place and time and was a little overboard in its suggestions. If we are to follow that, put on your floor length skirts, full stockings, and long-sleeved turtlenecks and avoid skating, gymnastics, swimming, and doing anything outside the kitchen.

As others have said, YOU should NOT be trying to correct anyone about this matter. You can easily hide the picture on facebook and go on your merry way. Quit trying to control others!!

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It’s for her** current director **to handle, not you, regardless of what her former director told you.

You are over stepping your bounds.

You Are* NOT* her* formation* director*.

End of story.

No sir. You are the one who made that statement; you are the one who must back it up.

What code, canon or statute does the Church have in place regarding the proper attire for women’s yoga?

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Oh …well that’s probably more of a concern… One of the unfortunate results of the ‘spirit’ of Vatican II.

You do so search and then PM me if you are not able to find a 20th century Pope’s directive on modest dress for women. I don’t have the capacity to spoon feed everyone.

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