How to answer the claim that someone was made to look like Jesus and crucified

In the title.

I would say, “Prove it. How do we know that? What kind of evidence can you show me that would give me a reason to believe that that is true?” And then weigh the evidence.

I might be wrong but I don’t think statements are automatically true unless somebody can disprove them.

I think for a statement to be believed to be true, evidence must be brought forth to support the statement.

I wouldn’t dignify that ludicrous statement with a response.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head, walk away, and pray for that person.

The same way you would with anyone who makes an assertion.

“Prove it.”

This assertion has already shaken my faith…

Why? What evidence was offered that was so compelling? Want to talk about it? PM me if you wish.

His mother, who was at the foot of the Cross, did not recognize her own Son? Not to mention the Apostle John and Mary Magdalene. Who would believe that?

How about a good belly laugh and shaking of the head? Some claims should not be dignified by anything!

You answer claims like this by calling out whoever makes such outrageous statements and demand solid, historical proof; there isn’t any.

I am not for sure, but it looks like some Muslims may believe that claim.

I don’t know if there are other groups that do or not or is it only Muslims? I’ve heard that there are some people who deny that Jesus ever even really lived on earth. (but that is different from your question).

Anyway, I don’t know that much about your question but I did find some articles that address it. Maybe they will help you:

I heard that they teach that Judas Iscariot was killed in HIS place.


I would say, “That’s too bad you think that. What’s for lunch?”


Yeah…I didn’t know that but you are right GEddie. Apparently, that is a fairly common teaching for those who don’t believe it was Jesus who was crucified.

  1. Why?

  2. Prove it.

  3. Why didn’t the Virgin Mary notice this?

  4. Why didn’t this substitute victim cry out in protest, saying, “I am not he!” ?

  5. How did they fool the Romans?

  6. How did they fool the Jewish authorities who demanded the execution in the first place?

  7. Prove it.

Ignore it. There is no point. Nothing can be proved to anyone’s satisfaction.
There is no claim to be made.

Anyone can make any kind of assertion. Someone could claim that Jesus wasn’t resurrected, instead a UFO beamed his body aboard and a look alike came back in his place and that’s why his body was “glorified”. It’s up to the person making the claim to offer proof or some good reason for their claim. And it’s up to you not to fall for any tall tale just because it might sound plausible. Use your rational mind. Who came up with that plan? How was the substitution made? For what purpose? Did the fake Jesus go along with it voluntarily (I can’t imagine anyone except the Son of God volunteering to be crucified!) To my mind, it just doesn’t fly.

A radical religion was spread throughout the world while its members were being murdered. They believed Jesus was murdered than rose from the dead. Maybe the imposter was crucified and then Jesus faked rising from the dead. The claims of him walking through walls, eating fish, his wounds, and his glorified body in general would inspire those who knew him to spread his words. None of this would have happened if an imposter had died and Jesus faked resurrected.

Muslims see Jesus as a profit. Either everything that happened because of the resurrection in history was a lie. (One cannot deny the spread of Christianty) It’s also possible that Jesus lied by pretending to raise from the dead. I don’t think a Muslim would claim the 2nd greatest prophet was a liar.

This is a Muslim claim. Since they believe in the God of Moses and in Jesus as the prophet taken up to heaven by God, ask the person - Why would God want to fool or trick half of humanity into believing something not true?

by faith. only faith can withstand all the attacks and various possibilities raised.-because the problem isn’t the challenge to answer the question for them first of all, which you cannot do in any definitive way, but to answer and settle the question interiorly first of all, for yourself

The best answer is to ask why they believe their god is a liar who willfully deceives his creations.

That is not our conception of God.

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