How to approach Mother in Law about needing annullment to enter the church


My Mother-in-law is currently in the RCIA program at our local parish and planning to be confirmed at the Easter Vigil this year. She has been married and divorced, and my Father-in-law, who is a practicing Catholic has also been married and divorced. Neither of them have received an annulment for their previous marriages. They were married 4 years ago, it was a ceremony on the beach, even though my FIL is a practicing Catholic and has no intentions of having his previous marriage annulled. It sounds like whomever is running the RCIA program has not informed her that she really cannot fully enter the church and receive her first communion at the easter vigil due to her current marital state. How do I approach her about this?


I’m assuming, by the way you describe the situation as “at our local parish,” that this is your parish?

I might suggest that you make an appointment to speak briefly with your pastor. Your role in that conversation would simply be to make it known to him that, given your level of understanding, it seems to you that your M-I-L, who is a candidate, is in an invalid marriage.

Leave it at that. No need to preach to him on the implications of this. He might even already be fully aware of the situation, and either have a better understanding of the situation or is actively working through it.

Of course, if your concern becomes known to others – especially your in-laws and/or your husband – be prepared for quite a negative reaction. Not that this should be the determining factor in your decision to approach the priest, but… just realize that this might be a possible outcome. :wink:


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You approach the priest directly. You don’t accuse anyone of anything you just state FACTS that you know. Not that you are “pretty sure of” but KNOW. Then you continue on with your life.


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