How to be a man ?

I’m a man and not a man. I returned week goes to Church. How can I be a Catholic man? I want to marry but I do not possess inherent qualities for social attraction such as musical taste, taste in movies, like for books - literally nothing . I would like to be a better person for my wife if He let me marry someday. But what to do? I want to grow . But I’ll be growing? What should I look for? I would not want to create this post but if I do not do it when will I give the first step ?

What is this supposed to mean? One is either male or female, unless you subscribe to LGBTQ “ideology”. A thing cannot be A and non-A at the same time. :slight_smile:

The first step in true manhood is to grow in closeness to God through prayer.

Go to mass as often as you can; multiple times a week whenever you can.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day in prayer. You can say “vocal” prayers, that is, prayers which are predefined such as the rosary.
As you grow in faith, you should spend time in meditation. Contemplate God and His mysteries; read a spiritual book and meditate on the contents.

Find talks online to listen to; I particularly recommend the following: How to Raise a Man.

Focus on growing in closeness to God, and all else will follow.

May God be with you.

If you are located in the USA then you might want to find a parish close to you that has a program called “That Man Is You” (read more here and there is a program locator to help you find a parish near you in the USA that supports the program) the program is very well done and has the support of many Bishops in the USA. It is my understanding that the program has so much success that many non-Catholic Christians have contacted the program directors asking them to work on a parallel for them!

What is your age and education?

How to be a man… Umm, have testosterone, male sexual organs, be of age to be a man not a boy…
Guess that answers your question.

first of all i’m not a lgbtq subscriber. It’s supposed to mean that my body is of a man but my mind isn’t too.

thanks i’m going to do it.

unfortunately i’m from Brazil.

19 years old. highschool complete and i’m studying to the public university exam.

Musical tastes, movies, books aren’t what makes you a man.

Being a man is to have confidence and strength; not physical strength, but internal, moral strength.

Being a man is knowing what you want and what you need to do to get it.

Being a man is having compassion and providing for the needs of those you are responsible for.

Being a man is laying down your life for your friends.

" I would like to be a better person for my wife if He let me marry someday" - Quote dansamp.

If that is not a typo…then I assume you are transgender :confused:

What Would Jesus Do?

How would Jesus behave?

This applies to women too, sure, but follow this and you’ll be set. :slight_smile:

He means he wants to be a good husband, if God calls him to marriage. :wink:

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