How to be badly easy lesson


I know this sounds like a ridiculous offer…

Is anyone out there in the wide open range of “Average Catholicism” interested in being "Badly Misled" ???

in other words,
Let bible thumpers toss you around like a ping-pong ball?..and …that originates in human trickery?

Just think about it ! …you can write home to Mom, or call, and brag to her that you are "badly misled."
or better yet, put her to the test and see if she can DISCERN that you are,
without you saying anything… Be the first in your block !

All you have to do is: …ignore Scripture.

avoid the bible,
think about something else during the Readings at Mass.
instead if reading one verse…smoke a cigarette .
when the priest invites you to “Lift up your heart” on to the Altar, …say the words,
but leave your heart where it is, (where ever it is )

If you decide to accept this mission and become a ping-pong ball,
…Be warned, if you Read
John 8: 43, 44 and
Matt. 22: 29
it will destroy all your chances of ever becoming a victim of human trickery…
and the devil will hate you forever.

your servant,


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