How to be dispensed from an Oath?

Hi guys,

I was dispensed from some private vows a few months ago by my pastor. My memory is a little foggy, but I’m pretty sure (like, REALLY sure) I actually called on God/swore when I made some of the vows.

To my understanding of the Church’s teaching on vows/oaths, this would be an oath,right?
Can oaths be dispensed from like vows? When I was dispensed, I don’t really remember mentioning the swearing/making an oath part. so do I need to go back to my pastor and get dispensed again? If he dispensed me from my vows, but was unaware of the oath part, would it be valid?

I also read that the Church can’t dispense from oaths, just state that there wasn’t a valid oath in the first place. Is that true? Does anybody have any official Church sources on this matter?

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’m not sure where to post this.

I believe I was once in a situation like the one you found yourself in. Speak to a priest when he has some time and I think he will be able to help you.

God bless.

You need to speak to your pastor to get this vow/oath making under control. You should not be making such vows and oaths at your age and with your tendencies towards scruples.

Yes, an oath can be dispensed by your pastor. And no, you do not need to go back to him.

Thank you all for the replies, I’ll have to have a chat about this with my pastor when I see him.

Until then, my question is: If, when he dispensed me from my vows, he didn’t know about the oath part, would I also be indirectly dispensed from the oath? If not, why?

Would it have been indirectly dispensed in the same way a forgotten mortal sin can be indirectly absolved?

When I asked him to dispense me from the vows, he didn’t really seem to know much about private vows so I had to explain all of this to him.

Please, stop obsessing.

The question has been answered. Do not continue to dwell and parse this in your mind. You have nothing more to do except get your scruples under control.

Did you ever get to chance to talk to your spiritual adviser about posting questions on the forum?

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