How to be forgiven?


I messed up my last Confession. I didn’t put my sins in the proper order and I got very emotional. I started crying and when I cry my throat gets tight and I can’t talk clearly without yelling. I also thought it would be better to go in and sit in the chair instead of behind the screen, which added to my distress. I really messed up. I have mortal sins that are unforgiving. I am currently in a non-english speaking country, and will be for a long time. I don’t know enough of the language to make a clean Confession. What can I do? I’m worried I will die before I can, in which case I’m going to hell. How can I be forgiven?
(I know Jesus died for my salvation, but I don’t believe that excuses me from going to hell when I deserve it. )

You need to be calm and trusting towards God.
There is nothing sinful in the order of your sins in Confession so long as you include mortal sins, if any.
Go to Confession again so and confess any mortal sins.
Sit behind the screen if you are likely to get upset sitting in the chair.
Find out the words you need to confess your serious sins in plain, simple language.

Ok, first things first, take a deep breath. What matters is that you intended to confess your sins. You can mention them at your next confession, but if you died between now and then, you would still be forgiven. The same thing happens if you have sins that you forgot until after you left the confessional. If the priest said the absolution, you are forgiven. When you get back home, you might also want to talk to a priest about scruples, since it sounds like you might have them. :blessyou:

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