How to block an improper image from a website front page

In the last few days every time I open the Yahoo front page, there is a square on the right, with a picture (it is part of what appears on screen, not one of those ‘pop up’ ads that can be esasily blocked). It changes every few minutes and always shows a young woman in provocative pose, with little or no cloths on. It also has a written question inviting the viewer to see more, or get in touch with her, etc. things like that.
I wrote to Yahoo asking them to stop sending those kind of pictures to their front page. I received no reply.
It saddens and angries me to see that women are used as sex objects, and it also worries me that this front page is seen by children, teenagers, men, etc. It is wrong to force them to see such immoral material. Is there a law that prohibits such things?
I have to open this page because my personal and buissness emails are in Yahoo. What can I do? Any suggestions?



You can have your browser not load images automatically. For Firefox, go to Tools>Options>Content and then uncheck Load images automatically. For Internet Explorer, go to Windows Control Panel (I never open IE since it loads very slowly), then from there Network and Internet>Internet Options>Advanced. On the Advanced tab, scroll down until you see Multimedia. Uncheck Show pictures. This is for Windows Vista; I assume it would be the same for Windows 7 and Windows XP. Chrome doesn’t seem to have any option for images, so I am not sure how it would work if you’re using that browser.

Thank you very much, Milliardo! :tiphat:

I will do what you so clearly indicate, :thumbsup: and I hope many forum users will benefit from your expert advice!

Good by to unwanted immoral images on internet! :takethat:



Thank you, Alma. I hope it works out for you.

I found out how to stop images from loading automatically on Google Chrome:

Go to the tab marked as a wrench; from there go to Options. From Options, go to Under The Hood. Click that, and there are several options there. Look at Privacy, then a button there shows Content settings. Click that button; you will see there Images and radio buttons that say Show all images and Do not show any images. Choose Do not show any images. That should not let Chrome load images automatically.

Thanks again, Milliardo!
Nice to have an internet expert advice!:manvspc:


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