How To Bring Back The Tridentine Mass In Your Parish


I just moved to Central Florida and it is so sad to see how few Catholic Churches offer the “Tridentine Mass”. The churches that offer it are at least 30 minutes away and those churches offer the TLM in the early afternoon. Why do so few churches offer it and why the odd hours? A part of me thinks that it’s a way to discourage people from attending so that they could stop offering it.

I am now faced with either drive over 30 minutes to one of the Churches that offers the TLM or attend a Church that offers the “Novus Ordo” and start working on getting permission from the local Priest or Bishop to offer it at my local Church. This is so frustrating, I will have to do the latter.

I feel that we must work together to bring back the “Tridentine Mass” so that every Catholic Church, in every state, can have at least one TLM Mass on Sundays and at a normal time.

My plan is to follow the instructions on the link I included below.

Make sure to read the following article:
Is There Really Any Hope for a Return to the Traditional Latin Mass?
Interview with Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Remember that we, as the laity, control the “Money” and we have “Social Media” - let’s use the power we have! I will keep you all up to date as to how things go at my parish. Please do all you can in your own parish and let me know how things go. Good luck and God Bless You.



This would be wonderful, if unrealistic. I’m driving an hour today to attend TLM. Then I’ll drive partway home to another parish for my first experience as a Core Group Leader for LifeTeen. The YMC there is a TLM fan. Perhaps between the two of us we can have a little influence…

We can encourage appreciation and desire for the TLM among young people. The parish I’m going to later has many children, youth, and families. It’s vibrant!


Perhaps we should be careful in our approach…money was a significant factor leading to a Church disaster that began in 1517.

Disclaimer – I am expressing my opinion and not looking for validaiton or argument, so I limit my input to a single post per thread. I will be happy to continue the discussion via PM without monopolizing this fine venue.


I’ll do no such thing. Where I live we are fortunate to have any mass whatsoever within a 30 minute drive. I am simply grateful to have it. I really disagree strongly with the idea of using money and social media influence for a matter such as this.


Mary there are FB groups dedicated to the TLM. You might consider networking there as well. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever.
I’m registered at the distant TLM parish. It’s just a small way of supporting them.


You’re lucky to have the TLM within a 30 minute drive, not everyone is so fortunate and from what I have read all over the place online it seems that many priests are not very interested in offering the TLM in their parish.


Thanks. I’m currently researching some FB groups to join.


I think it takes significant additional training. And training for the altar boys (no girls :wink:) as well.
As far as pronouncing the Latin, that just takes practice. I pray the Rosary in Latin fairly often and I can go just as fast (not good to go too fast) as in English.


You misunderstood. We don’t have a Latin mass closer than three hours. It’s 30 minutes just to get to OF mass.


“Traditional Catholic Millennials” is one. “Soldiers of the Church Militant” is another. You might encounter a few SSPX folks, even a sedevacantist here and there, but I think most are simply TLM lovers. Some may express concern about various issues, just like here.


That’s how I understood you.


The reason the TLM is rare is because priests are already a rare and precious gift to the church. Especially in Florida, they have huge congregations to minister to (thousands of parishioners), and must offer sufficient masses so that their parishioners can meet their Sunday obligation. They also have administrative duties, and sick and and elderly parishioners to visit and anoint.

The priests who offer the TLM have taken the dozens, if not hundreds of hours (on top of all their other duties) to learn a foreign language and minister to those who are moved by the ancient liturgy of the Mass. They schedule the masses around their other conflicting duties.

You are quite blessed to have access to the TLM in less than an hour’s drive. If you can convince a qualified priest to drive an hour or more to serve your parish, and can raise the resources to cover his wage and expenses, more power to you. However, you have no canonical right to the TLM being celebrated locally, only a right to reasonable access to a Sunday mass of any approved rite.


Oh sorry I did misunderstand. Locating a Catholic Church that offers the “Tridentine Mass” is not easy.


Sometimes it’s the parish, too. We’ve had new priests arrive and suggest it; we’ve had periodic surveys. What we’ve found routinely is that the support for the TLM among the faithful would simply only support 2-3 parishes in the entire diocese offering it on a regular basis.

I’m not trying to discourage you, but before you campaign to have every single parish do something, maybe just aim for something more reasonable (and consider the actual needs/wants of various areas).


Good advice. In our geographically large diocese there is only one TLM location that I know of. Some people come from farther away than I do. I’m guessing some car pool with groups of teens.


The “Church Militant” FB group is a closed group, with rules. They clearly don’t allow promotion of sedevacantism or pope-bashing.


I have the following:

“Art. 5, §1 In parishes where a group of the faithful attached to the previous liturgical tradition stably exists, the parish priest should willingly accede to their requests to celebrate Holy Mass according to the rite of the 1962 Roman Missal. He should ensure that the good of these members of the faithful is harmonized with the ordinary pastoral care of the parish, under the governance of the bishop in accordance with Canon 392, avoiding discord and favouring the unity of the whole Church.”

For the full document:

“Raise the Resources” please the Catholic Church has the money. It may take some work but I will get the TLM approved in my parish. All the best to you.


FYI some people get a little triggered by the term “Novus Ordo,” even though Pope Paul VI used it himself. I don’t think you mean it derogatorily, but some take it that way no matter what.


I can assure you this is not why. If they wanted to stop offering it, they would do just that - stop.

A 30 min drive is not unreasonable, many people drive further to work every day. Not sure what’s wrong with early afternoon?

I hope you are able to bring the TLM to your parish, but be realistic in your expectations. Not every parish will be open to it. At minimum I would choose the most traditional parish in your area for this task.

Many people who attend the TLM exclusively and, as you put it, “will not go back,” make quite an effort to do it. Many drive way over 30 minutes, go at whatever hour it’s available, and many, when considering a move, choose the parish first and then find a job and home in that area, not the other way around.

Try the FSSP supporters FB group.


[quote=“MaryC7, post:1, topic:535348, full:true”]. Please do all you can in your own parish

No thank you .

I don’t want the Tridentine Mass in my parish and I don’t know of any in the parish who do .

I’m quite happy with the Mass as it is celebrated in the parish .

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