How To Bring Back The Tridentine Mass In Your Parish


I often give the responses and pray the Lord’s Prayer in Latin in the OF Mass. Softly, so as not to trigger anyone. After OF Mass it’s the Last Gospel and the Leonine Prayers, again softly. In Latin.


Perhaps because Vatican 2 itself intended it?

The EF wasn’t ‘broken’ and the OF its ‘fix’.

They are both perfectly valid rites.

There are plenty of opportunities for those to attend the OF if they so prefer.

I don’t hear (and haven’t through this thread) anybody saying that the OF was invalid, wrong, bad, or lesser, or wanting to ‘substitute’ EF for OF totally.

Why is it all right for a person to wish to attend a Mass in English, Serbo-Croatian, Korean, or Tagalog?
Why is it all right for a person to wish to attend a Mass without music, a Mass with full choir and organ, a Mass with guitars, a Life Teen Mass, a Charismatic Mass?
BUT let a person say they wish to attend an EF Low or High Mass. . .

somehow that turns into, "But why on earth would a person want to attend that outdated, unintelligible, elitist, “it was only put back because a few old fogeys stopped giving money” wreck???


For 50 years, Mass had been said in languages enabling Catholics to understand prayers.
There is no need to go back to Latin now.
Vatican II got it right when they changed things back in the 1960s.


Most parishes that have the TLM have it in conjunction with the OF Masses that are already there. When a parish I was going to started a weekly TLM, it was added along with everything else. If there’s a contingent that wants the Latin Mass and the parish can add it to the schedule, good on them. More Masses is a good thing!


The OF Teen Mass I attended this afternoon after helping out in LifeTeen was pretty reverent. Kudos for the pastor leading us in the St. Michael Prayer after the blessing.
And the teens were pretty awesome. Once they got over “awk—ward” and started talking, they had a lot to say. Hopefully in the coming months I can acquaint them with a bit of Latin prayer, here and there.


Vatican 2 didn’t change it.
I’m 62. I remember the changes well.
I sang in the elementary school choir. In Latin the first 2 years (gr 5 and 6), English the last (gr 7 and 8). Didn’t have any problem with Latin (amazing how many English words are cognates).
I’m surprised that your parish doesn’t do the Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei in Latin, at least some part of the time. Ever watch Sunday Mass on EWTN? they do that, as well as often the Pater Noster, and other parts of the Mass in Latin. Very easy to figure out what it means.

I’m glad that you’re happy where you are, and again, nobody is trying to take your Mass at your parish and change it (unlike what happened nearly 50 years ago), but what is so wrong with letting those of us who like and understand Latin attend a valid rite of the Church (never abrogated, i.e., never ‘changed’).


If enough people in a parish or diocese want the TLM, they have a right to it.


I know. I’ve attended Life Teen Masses. . .charismatic ones too. I think that all of them offer valid insights and often great beauty.

I’m just surprised that it’s really only the EF which seems to draw such. . .negativity from some.


Vatican II said Latin ought to be preserved in the Liturgy, while also allowing exceptions. (A horse that’s been beaten to death and then some on this forum). And I think V2 got it right. I think a healthy mix of Latin and vernacular is a really great way to do things to connect us to the Liturgical patrimony of the Church while also having prayers that can be easily understood by the people. While some people dismiss the beauty of the Latin tradition, others unfairly dismiss the beauty and prayerfulness that the vernacular can provide, which I think is a real shame. I say let’s have it both ways! I’ll end my little rant there :joy:.


In the parish nearest to me (with many older folks) the pastor had to come out before Mass the second weekend of Lent last year and explain why we were using sung Latin prayers, only during Lent. I’m guessing he got complaints (he called them “messages” or something, lol). No doubt these mostly came from the boomers. I’ll be very interested to see what happens this year


Oh so now the Catholic Church is a democracy? :joy:


No. Summorum Pontificum gives the laity that right. God bless Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI for that document!


Argggh. I do hate being a boomer who pretty much is the antithesis of the popular notion of ‘boomerdom’. Perhaps it comes from the fact that I’m raising my grandsons (ages 6 and 8) which gives me these days a lot more of the perspective of a Gen-X! Now if I only had some more of the stamina.


I suggest you thoroughly read MaryC7’s direct quotes from Church documents earlier in this thread.She even provided links.


People go to Mass according to what language they are fluent in because they can easily understand everything—but, they hardly ever worship with those members of the parish who speak a language different from their own. Mass in a universal language is more accessible to everyone and doesn’t separate the Church into groups based on language.

The EF at the moment may be foreign to much of the Church, but I think its universality is especially desirable in these days where we’re divided according to language, nationality, and any other thing, even in the Church.


To be fair, I certainly think there’s some who are maybe on the more traditional side who look down on more charismatic expressions of the faith. But I think you’re right. In my experience, I’ve seen some people who reject the TLM and are completely negative towards it, even when there’s good, humble, and sincere people who wish to promote it.


Me too. I’ll go out and throw the football with the kids and they’ll act amazed.


Thank goodness mine are still so small. The only thing I usually throw out with them is my back.


At home with the TLM, anywhere it’s offered in the whole wide world. Except maybe for the homily–inobtrusive Rosary time!


Since I live in the USA, Mass in English works for me. I am not worried about travel to another country.

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