How To Bring Back The Tridentine Mass In Your Parish


I know plenty about the EF and the OF. I find your post very insulting to my intelligence.

Just because I don’t agree that the EF is the greatest thing in the world does not mean that I do not understand it, Church history or the reasons behind the OF.

Sadly, this thread illustrates in perfect detail why I do not attend the EF and am very suspicious of anyone who prefers it who tries to exert their intellectual and spiritual superiority over anyone who does not agree with them. :rage:


I am glad that you have that knowledge but I was not addressing you specifically or individually.

I am sorry but there are many Catholics who do not understand the Mass and Church history. At times that is why some dislike the TLM, lack of understanding. I used to be there myself.


Yes you were.
I am defending another poster from the accusation of “mocking”.

No one here is mocking anyone or anything.
Again, just because some do not agree with you and others about the EF and use analogies to describe their experiences does not mean they are mocking, or less intelligent or less spiritually advanced.

I’m sorry that you cannot see how insulting the words of some of you EF supporters really are.


I’m insulting, you’re insulting, we’re all insulting here on CAF! :rofl:


I commend your poise and charity in the face of such a vitriolic attack.


I think we will just have to agree to disagree here because both sides probably feel insulted. I know I feel insulted also. That happens with differences of opinion.

God bless.


Gently suggesting that maybe if people understood the TLM better, they wouldn’t hate it so much? Insulting!
Comparing the TLM to a choreographed theatrical performance by dancers and actors? How dare anyone be insulted by that!


Vitriolic attack? Really?

No one here insulted anyone or anything.

A poster was using an analogy to describe their experience at an EF, one that, by the way, is an experience that I and many others I have known have had at the EF.

If anyone has been attacked here it is poor @Peeps and anyone who tried to defend her.


This is why we can’t have nice things.


It was neither gentle nor suggesting.

To be mocking- one needs intention- there was none of that in the @Peeps post that started this flame war.

It is a common theme, someone states that they are not a fan of the EF and the guns come out.

We are either, “luke-warm”, not spiritually advanced, or not intelligent enough to know our history.
Um, how about “none of the above”!

I prefer Mass in my own language, I prefer hearing more scripture during Mass, I prefer the option to receive both species and to receive in the hand if I so choose. I prefer that there are options for the priest to use as far as Mass settings and Eucharistic prayers. I prefer the option of having a Saturday night anticipated Mass and I am really happy that I do not have to suffer through the 20 minute low Masses that were very common in my area in the 1960’s.


I have no problem with a difference of opinion, and am not insulted by it.
My problem is when you assume that people who don’t agree with you are less intelligent or less spiritually advanced. That is a big problem!


So again, there are those who lack knowledge of the faith. That is just a fact. Some comments appeared that way. I was not addressing anyone specifically and do not intend to continue to debate this since it works both ways but I will discuss the topic of the post.

God bless.


I belonged to a recognized Catholic organization that was fighting for orthodoxy in liturgy, catechetics, and much else, opposing the Church’s enemies, both internal and external. We advocated for change with the bishops and the Vatican, but always in union with Pope and bishops.

Many people left our group, and left their parish and diocese, to join SSPX. They said they were leaving the “Novus Ordo Church” as a result of reading Michael Davies.


And again I commend your patience. Such a stark contrast to angry, shouting tones. God bless you!


They don’t call it the “liturgy wars” for nothing! :joy:


Thank you.


Please explain how you can read my “tone”?

I am not angry, I just don’t like being accused of being “less than” because I don’t hold the same opinion, as has happened in this thread and many others in this sub-forum.


They consider it trendy. They like the drama
As soon as they have kids, it won’t seem so attractive anymore.


Not sure if serious.


Not sure if you are serious or not either since many of the people who attend TLMs have children.

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