How To Bring Back The Tridentine Mass In Your Parish


Now I understand why there are more babies, kids, and big families at our diocesan TLM parish, and why there are twice as many Masses offered there, than in any other of the ten or so other parishes I’ve been to. Must be because all those parents are tired of the TLM, don’t find it attractive anymore.
Oh, wait…


Often lots of children.

Most families probably don’t attend the TLM. It’s too far. They probably attend the parish down the street.
In my diocese, families travel an hour or more to the TLM parish. The nave is packed. And packed with kids.
If I had kids today, they’d be home schooled and they would definitely be studying Latin. And logic.


In my location, my understanding is most families do not attend TLM. Interesting to find that isn’t the case in other places.

I always want my kids to be able to understand what is being said, so I wouldn’t take them to it other than for them to experience it; to see what it is.


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