How to build a Time machine?


If i take a potion of space and slow it’s rate of expansion relative to the rest of the universe, will that cause time travel?


Step 1: Get a carboard box.
Step 2: Put a clock in the cardboard box.
Step 3: Get in the cardboard box.
Step 4: Use the clock as a marker for how far you’re time travelling.
Step 5: Get out of the box and you will have arrived the elapsed time on the clock into the future.

Though if time if the fourth dimension, somehow you’d have to cross two portions of 3-space in such a way that they created 4 space. If you take three lines for example (1st dimension) and cross them in a triangle, you’ve created 2D with 1D objects. Take 8 2D squares to make a cube and you’ve created 3D with 2D. How you cross the 3D though is another question.


Wouldn’t time keep going, so the two only go forward at different rates?


Well, you can do it @mVitus’ way, if you want. Alternatively, you can time-travel in style. You’ll need two things to start with: a flux capacitor and a DeLorean.


That’s what i would like to know


I don’t think it would go back in time and it would also make it harder to go in the future.


How do you contain your portion of space? The easiest way to time travel , hop on a really fast space ship, travel a few million years distant, look at bac at earth with a big telescope, watch what was happening at that time in the past.

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