How to celebrate Holy Mass privately

I have no enough knowledge on how to celebrate private mass.

I’m guessing you are not a priest. At minimum you need to have a priest, so then it will not be private.

Not entirely true.

You COULD celebrate Mass privately, or at least read the Mass and prayers. There just wouldn’t be any Eucharist, so not technically the sacrifice of the Mass.

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Step 1: Find a priest

The “Mass” is the “Eucharist”. The Eucharist is sacrifice, the sacrament, that gives us the Body and Blood of Christ. There is no Mass without the Eucharist, and visa-versa.

If you have a valid reason to miss mass, like illness etc. You can read the mass prayers and there are prayers for a spiritual communion. A simple prayer book should have the prayers in, this can suffice if you have a valid reason for missing mass. Perhaps google the prayer or use a missal.

My google came up with this… it may help

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Not enough information to make any sort of comment other than: find a priest and talk to him.

We don’t know enough as 1ke says. Is it meant to be a private Mass for just yourself or your family? Just the priest alone? If it’s just you alone, and you are not a priest, it won’t be a Mass. As others have said you can read the Mass readings and make a spiritual communion if you cannot attend a public Mass.

I’ve been to a couple private Masses in my life, that is just the priest and myself attending. The rubrics are all in the Missal, and they are straightforward. The last two were entirely in Latin, in the Ordinary Form and I read the first reading and psalm in Latin. It was with a monk that I was driving on monastery business, he said Mass for me before we left as we were leaving too early for the conventual Mass at the monastery. It was on a weekday,.

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