How to chant the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary?


I currently pray the Little Office in conformity with the 1961 Editio Typica of the Roman Breviary. I would like to learn how to chant the hours. The book I have includes the chants, but I have some questions.

On hymns, they give the chant for the first verse. What do I do for the following verses? Do I use the same notes and apply it to the words of each verse?

For the psalms, it gives a general guideline. Again, am I supposed to use the same notes for each part? I guess I don’t know how to apply the example they give to each individual psalm.

During Compline, how do I chant the Nunc Dimittis? They give music for the antiphon, but not the actual Nunc Dimittis.


Yes. Use that same melody for all the words.

Is there an “ordinary” section? Try looking there. It’s used every day, so I’d doubt that it would be reprinted every day.


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