How to choose a patron Saint of conversion?


Hello. I am going through RCIA right now and am eagerly looking forward to Easter so that I can come into full communion with the Church.

I have only read about this on other sites (as the subject hasn’t come up in RCIA yet), but what is the practice of choosing a patron Saint of your conversion? I only know a handful of Saints but so far St. Jude speaks to me. (personal feelings, I definitely can connect with needing help with lost/desperate causes)

Also, aren’t we at some point supposed to have a “conversion buddy?” (I forgot the proper name for it.) If so, if you don’t really know anybody else who’s Catholic (besides those in the RCIA class) how would one do that?


Not too sure if we have an actual specific patron saint of conversion, but we sure have heaps, heaps and heaps of saints coverted from a life of debauchery or near on debauchery to great holiness and sanctity. St. Paul and St. Augustine come to mind immediately…saints that have had outstanding impact and lasting impact on The Church - both rich in gemtle heart and common sense.

Congratulations on your Baptism this coming Easter:thumbsup: . The companion or buddy is known as a “Confirmation Saint” whom you choose yourself to especially watch over you and pray for you and be your guide in their particular charism or gifts. Well anyway, I was confirmed now over 40 years ago and that is the way we were instructed in confirmation and our patron saint. Things can change with new and deeper insights into tradition.

Here is a patron saints site for you



Barb’s suggestions are both excellent. I would also like to offer for your consideration… St. Francis of Assisi.

Before his conversion and call to “rebuild” the Church… Francis Bernardone was a spoiled rich boy. He spent most of his time, partying with his friends or going off to battle.

Upon his conversion, he renounced not only his father’s “name”… but also all of his riches and comforts.

God bless and Happy New Year :snowing:


I suggest you spend some time reading about many different saints. Think carefully about the ones who capture your interest. I didn’t make up my mind on who my patron saint would be until I was only minutes away from being baptized.


I chose Saint Augustine of Hippo as my patron saint after my conversion. i have a great devotion to him, and its wonderful to see an intellectual giant who had great humility as well. with saint thomas aquinas, he is one of the greatest theologians in the Church.


St. Augustine’s mother, St. Monica is a true patron saint of conversion.

She prayed for her son’s conversion for over 20 years and was rewarded by God. She also converted her pagan husband and mother in law.

All this through her love, prayer, patience, persistence and supplication to God’s will.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora pro nobis peccatoribus!



I’m also having a hard time picking a conversion saint. Does my conversion saint have to be of the same gender as me?

I’m particularly interested in saints who are particularly associated with the Blessed Sacrament. I’ve also thought about St. Pius X, because like me, he had a zeal for keeping orthodox teachings, and he fought against some of the same heresies that are problems in my own diocese. St. Thomas Aquinas is another one I’m considering, because he composed some of my all time favorite Eucharistic prayers.


As I understand it you can choose any saint who has some personal meaning for you.

Your chosen saint does not have to be of the same sex as you. My priest chose mine, I’m female, but he chose the Saint whose day I was born on as my patron saint, so I have St Matthew.

That is another way of choosing a saint, find out which saints are remembered on the day of your birth (there’s always more than one), read up on them and see if any of them have a meaning for you.


I was just initiated into the Church on the first day of Advent this year after completing the RCIA program. Yes this time of the year is odd, but I had an annulment to complete…paperwork. Anyhow, your “buddy” for RCIA is called a sponsor. I chose my patron saint, Rita, because I feel as if I’ve had an instant connection with her from the moment that I learned about her. I’m excited that you are on your journey to come into the church.


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