How to choose Godparents?

I do not have many super-close Catholic friends that really practice their faith. My son was just born last week and I’m having some anxiety on how to choose good Godparents. There are some couples I know from our parish which I respect greatly and that I’m sure would be great Godparents, but I would not describe these people as very close to our family at this point. Do you have any advice on how to choose Godparents in this situation? Given that we need to get our child baptised as quickly as possible this is obviously a time-sensitive issue.

Why not choose those people who you don’t know very well? This could be how you all grow closer. You could also ask your pastor if he knows of anyone who could be Godparents.

I would ask the people you respect at your parish, whether you’re super close to them or not. They would more likely be very honored that you asked. Have you been through the baptism classes?

You do not require two sponsors. You only need one. Why not ask a priest to be the sponsor. That is permitted.

Thanks for the responses guys. I just felt uncomfortable asking someone who is not really close to our family to be the godparents. In addition, I never considered asking a priest - is that permitted?

Priests are permitted to be sponsors.

That actually happened to us. A couple in our parish asked my wife and I to be their son’s Godparents. They were not close friends, more of a “Say ‘hi’ and chat a little bit after Mass” type relationship.

But they said that they wanted good Catholics as Godparents and they liked what they saw in us.

We said ‘yes’. What happened was it gave all of us a great contact point and we became very close friends over the years. She’s my wife’s best friend now and our kids play together regularly.

Remember, it’s not how close you are now, but how close you can be :slight_smile:

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