How to combat Judaism claim that Christ wasn't a prophet?


I was just wondering how to combat Judaism claim that Jesus was not a prophet.

They claim all prophets fullfilled everything that was foretold would be done.

It was foretold that the Messiah would build a 3rd temple and that was not done.

Judaism also says the Messiah will follow the laws of the Torah, it is stated in Duet 13:1-4. So they say Jesus contradicted prophecy and therefore could not be the Messiah.

They also claim that prophecy can only occur when Israel is inhabitted by a majority of the worldy Jewish population. Since this was not the case in Jesus time he could not have been a prophet.

Judaism also claims the messiah was suppose to usher in an era of world piece and nations would no longer engage in war. They say Jesus did not do this.

Judaism also claims that Jesus was not a descendant of David. That he had to be a descendant of David from his fathers side. They also claim being born to a virgin is a mistranslation on scripture and that the true translation is a young women.


Since you are new here, the correct place for this type of post would be in the APOLOGETICS or NON-CATHOLIC Religions Forums.


But isn’t this pertaining to Catholicism? I am talking about Jesus and his fortelling in Isaiah?


Don’t argue, just do what I say…That’s where such questions about Catholic, protestant, Judaism, etc are addressed from those who are not ALREADY Catholic.
You will get many more responses than here.
Here is primarily catholics talking to other catholics.
They are not necessarily students of Judaism.
Besides, your question was not about catholics as such, but to beliefs of Christianity vs the Jewsih religion.
Your title is:
How to combat Judaism claim that Christ wasn’t a prophet?


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