How to consume good media?

For movies I definitely check out the CNS movie reviews which is helpful, but most media consumed today is very toxic and has a very hard anti-Catholic values slant to it. How do you all decide on the media you want to watch? I’ve been struggling with this for myself and my family. Any suggestions?

I find those reviews, the Decent Films website I believe it’s called, looking up the parental guide on IMDb helpful. Sometimes it’s just trial and error. I listen to a lot of metal and I tend to look up lyrics before listening. Books are generally safe, at least the ones I read.

I’m Catholic and wondering --> Is the Monty Python “Life of Brian” still considered to be blasphemy? I’m just thinking about it- I don’t feel comfortable watching things that make mockeries of my religion. But it would be nice to know.

I generally, for movies and TV shows, tend to stay clear of reality TV and stick closer to war-based or crime-based series. Those tend to not be so anti-Catholic as I’ve seen so far. Fantasy works too, since it’s harder to make mockeries of religions in real life when your plot is based on imagination.

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