How to convert to Catholicism as a teen?


My mom is a non-practicing Catholic and my dad is an atheist. My relatives on my mom’s side were strictly Catholic and gave me basic belief in God when I was little. When my grandma, grandpa, uncle, and great aunt passed away, I started drifting further away from that belief and started to doubt the existence of God. With that came the fear of death and oblivion, which plagued me for years and made me sick to my stomach every night. I notice that being in a church creates a sense of peace and comfort, as well as the image of a cross, praying, and my grandma’s rosary that she left behind for me. Recently I’ve started praying again for my anxiety and trying to restore a relationship to God. My parents told me that they are giving me freedom to choose what to believe in, and I want to follow Catholicism. Where can I begin in converting? I am not baptized and have barely learned about the religion. I’m also fifteen.


You just now joined CAF…which is great. But you should be calling your local Catholic parish about this. They will have answers to all your questions about joining the Roman Catholic Church.


Awesome! Find the closest Catholic church to you and talk to the pastor. You’ll probably go through RCIA.

May your swim of the Tiber be quick and easy :slight_smile:


Yes. Go down to your local parish and seek the advice of the priest there.


The parents have given consent, so 18 isint a problem here


It’s more about not placing the obligations of a practicing Catholic on a child who will be unable to fulfill them.


Ask a Priest for some good books to begin reading and then see if your local library has them. If not ask if they can get them. Read, research and pray!


With your parent’s blessing call the nearest parish and schedule a meeting with father (might help to bring mom). You’ll need to go through religious education, baptism, confirmation, communion. Your priest will walk you and your mom through it.

God bless you.


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