How to Correct With Gentleness

At my parish, a nun is in charge of about 50% of the activities in the community. However, her views are somewhat skewed. She is a proponent of female ordination, married priests, and a very informal Mass.

My question is, how do you co-exist with someone whose ideas are driving away members of the Church? Just last month, a family of 14 left because she told them that the Catechism meant nothing.

Oh, oh, how distressing! I wouldn’t know what to do about this. She sounds very rebellious. There are many people who just go to church out of habit and don’t really agree with much of Catholic teaching, I don’t know what to say about that, hopefully they get something positive. But for someone to use their position of authority to undermine Church teaching is another matter. Have you spoken to your pastor? If all else fails, a courteous letter of concern to your Bishop would be in order.

You don’t co-exist. You act.

Contact the diocese, pronto.

Contact her Order ?

My pastor is currently deployed as a military chaplain in Kosovo. he’s also friends with this nun. However, he doesn’t really grasp the fullness of the situation. If I were to tell him now, I don’t think the parish would fare well.

I would then contact the bishop. However, he is of the same inclination. he has been called to Rome twice for allowing a woman “marry” two gay men at a Catholic Church. Cardinal Ratzinger spoke to him both times.

I think I will try to contact her order. EDIT
I appreciate the kindness and concern you have here. Thank you for your help, and feel free to keep suggesting things.

Pray for her. Sit down and talk with her about the things that are on your mind. Be kind and understanding, show love, compassion and mercy. Talk, HEAR each other out. Just don’t do what we do so often, don’t listen and sit on edge to say what we’re going to say and not hear a word the other person is saying.
What context did she say CCD wasn’t meaningful? Do you know the full story? Were you there for the conversation?
Do not judge or hold grudges, forgive and have mercy and compassion and love, basic ideals of the Gospel.

The story is this:

The family was enrolling the children in religious education at the church. None of the courses at my parish deal with the Catechism or morals, social justice etc. . . The parrents questioned this, and were told by Sr. EDIT that the Catechism was meaningless.

I wasn’t there for this, but I heard her telling a friend about it in my company.

The thing is, she’s a nice person, one who loves God and others. However, she often strays from the path fr selfish reasons. I’m not judging her, I’m simply recounting what others say.

When we racant what other people say, we run the risk of repeating only one side of the story, which can be a short skip from gossiping. Sometimes people hear what they want to hear or interpret things with their own bias.

Before contacting the Bishop or her order based on what at this point is hearsay, please have a conversation with the woman. She may not be selfish at all and her words may have been taken out of context.

If what she says to YOU directly causes concern, then further action might be required, but please give her a chance to speak for herself.

Do you have some evidence for your charge that he allowed a woman to marry two gay men…?

I do. The parish has since become a “Non-Denominational” parish. the priest who was there has been put on indefinate leave. the diocese would have been stricter, but it’s very very liberal.

Also, the words of the un here are only a few of what she has said. One time she said she can’t count the umber of times she’s gone against Rome. She said that she would become a priest only if the “bigot in Rome” would allow it. I cringe to type this here, but I think it’s necessary to get a clear answer and decision.

Things like that make me sick. And to think people aren’t sure why there is a lack in priestly vocations! :shrug:

The right thing to do is never easy!

From what I have read, it is clear to me that trying to correct with gentleness would be a total waste of time.

What this nun needs is a 2 x 4 upside her head!

Violence is never the answer. I’ve been the victim of violence, verbal and abusive, we all have at times. Does it ever work? NO.


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What in the world is a “Non-Denominational” parish, especially if it’s Catholic, and who labeled it as such?

A non-Denominational parish is one that affiliates with no leader of any church. not the pope, not the Queen of England, not anyone.

It’s basically Protestant, because they are Protesting something-Catholicism.

Where is the evidence that the Bishop supported the gay marriage? That group has been excomunicated by thier actions hasn’t it? They have left the church. The whole Diocese has been informed that they are not going to meet thier Sunday obligation by going there. The woman was not ordained by this Bishop. I’m not saying there aren’t problems in that Diocese or with that Bishop but you are not being specific with evidence for your particular charge.

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