How to counter Baptists that are adamant about the "Trail of Blood?"


I’ve been exchanging with Fundamentalist Baptists on a forum. They are some of the most narcissistic and hateful people I have seen when it comes to Catholicism. I don’t know how they are otherwise, but judging from how they have treated the Church or anyone different from then for that matter, it’s hard to even have an intelligible conversation with them.

I have been charitable in all of my responses, yet I am growing frustrated. They refuse to acknowledge anything different from them and they are adamant about the Trail of Blood, which to me is laughable. I challenged that belief by asking them why they use the Bible if those “evil Catholics” compiled it and preserved it. I’ve yet to get an answer.

But I come here to ask the more experienced apologists for what else I can do to share the faith, and not come off as trying to convert them. It isn’t my goal at all. I’m just trying to put a stop to the lies about the Faith. If I happen to plant some seeds, then that’s great.

So, what can I do next? Praying is the obvious one, and I’m doing that as we speak.

Comments, encouragement, all accepted! :wink:

In Pax Christi


“‘Ancient Baptists’ and Other Myths”

Turris Fortis - Losing the Trail

Trail of Blood: What about “Baptist Successionism”? (Word.doc)

%between%Trail of Blood: Baptist Successionism ~ “Apostolic Succession of Heresy”

Yeah… I’ve dealt with this before. You won’t convince them, but the facts will be at your disposal.
God be with you.

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Hello Harpazo,

First you should understand that the great majority of Baptists reject the theories put forth in The Trail of Blood. The people you are referring to are fundamentalists and separatists. Most of them will not even permit other Baptists to take communion with them. Because of their separatist mentality, they are not interested in the precepts of anyone eles’s religion.

However, if you should develop a dialog with any of them who are interested in looking beyond their own faith, try to impress on them that their knowledge of the Catholic faith is wrong in many details. When they take exception to this, remind them that accurate information is more likely to come from an authentic source. Who can tell you more about snow–Polynesians or Eskimos? Who can tell you more about America–a Russian or a New Yorker? Who can tell you more about Baptists–a Catholic or a Baptist? So, using this logic, when you want to learn about Catholicism you would naturally ask a Catholic, not a Baptist or Methodist or Episcopalian.


Ask them if they bought their book in the fiction section of the book store.


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I’m trying to use the logical discussion like you all said, but it’s hard to communicate with a person that is so sure that their Catholic grandmother is burning in Hell! I’m horrified at that forum. I probably won’t be staying much longer over there…

I’ve gotten the basic arguments like “Constantine built the Church, blah, blah blah” How can people damn entire religions to Hell, and then say that they were original Christians? I’ll never know.

In Pax Christi


Well…they can be very very wrong. I know what you mean though. I know of at least two other such forums.

I boycott all of them now.


Ah, well it appears that I’ve been banned from their forums:p The reason: Banned for arguing to promote Catholic beliefs. Apparently a Catholic doesn’t have the right to defend his own beliefs, but the lies must continue from Fundamentalist to Fundamentalist…I’m slightly offended at how they judged people, and I’m in the process of writing an email to the webmaster of the forums to express my disdain.

I won’t be going back there though.:rolleyes:

In Pax Christi


A good start would be to buy them a history book.


I’ll just say this, “through no fault of their own, they are ignorant of the Catholic Church.”

What they persume to be true like the “trail of blood” is nothing more than a fiction story unfounded in truth.


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