How to counter "Everyone is doing it"?

Two sons in college, they both think living together before marriage is okay because that is what everyone is doing now. Have no problem with the idea of homosexulity because so many people are gay.
Response for the thought process of “everyone is doing it?”

Your sons need to rethink the basis of their reasoning.

In some areas a few years ago, a popular youth activity was the “knockout game” in which youth would walk up to an unsuspecting person and punch them hoping to knock them out. If your sons were a victim of one of these attacks, would they claim it was perfectly OK because in the world of these youth “everyone is doing it”? Or would they claim its inherently wrong to attack an innocent person?

In various periods of history “everyone was doing” many things that we now consider to be gravely immoral (slavery, segregation, rape, plunder, etc). Were these things moral then (because everyone was doing them) but immoral now? And on what basis did society ever make the change from deeming them moral to immoral? Clearly at some point humanity decided that no matter how many people were doing these things at any point in history that these things were indeed wrong and should not be done.

In the same manner we need to make our moral decisions based on what we truly discern is right. To abandon our conscience to “the mob” is an abdication of our moral responsibility and lazy reasoning.

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