How To Deal With Scruplousy/OCD?

Ok, so I am 16 and for the last couple of months I have been stressing out over a lot of things, my exams,health and such alike.
Some people on this site it sounded like I was scrupulous, and I have talked to my priest about this but heres the thing is some parts of me even though I guess it isn’t even sinful I still find myself worrying about it despite what my priest told me.
For example I am part of a kind of role playing type of group on the internet who reenact Napoleonic style of warfare (Line Battles, Muskets etc) and I wanted to apply to become a higher rank so that I could further progress in the group and have the chance to command the other people in the group on such events we do, so I wrote my application to become it, but awhile writing the application some part of my mind was saying stop it, it’s sinful and wrong, even though I doubt wanting to take a bit more responsibility in a group on the internet is sinful.

Now I after also being told it sounded like OCD, like worrying about things that don’t really pose a threat.
So do you guys have any idea of how to relieve this, I started walking my dog recently and getting out in the open air has cleared my thoughts a bit and feels good, was thinking of going jogging as well as I heard exercise helps get rid of stress and such.
But any tips from any of you would be greatly appreciated.

Scrupulosity can be a serious problem, and if OCD is involved, you may need professional help. There is no shame in this, many people suffer from it, and many are successfully treated. A competent psychologist or counselor could give you an idea how serious it is, and how treatable. Thank God you’re catching it now rather than late in your adulthood when it’s harder to change. With your parents’ help, I’d find a good therapist in your area, preferably a Catholic or at least Christian, and set up an appointment.

In the meantime, getting plenty of physical exercise is a good idea, as well as a balanced diet. These things can affect your brain chemistry, and thus your condition.

Heres the thing not too sure about the OCD part, as I have always stressed out about things from a relative early age, and I feel like I am making progress on regards to scrupulosity, I think perhaps a bit problem is most days I am stuck inside my home and don’t really do too much differently.
What I am going to do is try to relax, eat a good diet and do some exercise and not think too much about sinning and such, if that fails then I might inquire for a councilor.
Thank You for your answer though.

You need to be evaluated by a mental health professional for the OCD issues and obtain a regular confessor and spiritual director who are aware of your issues for the scrupulosity.

Exercise and a balanced diet are certainly good for your overall health, but they are not going to address a mental health issue. Please talk to a counselor at school and ask for a referral.

The best advice I can give is for you to see a doctor. Counseling and medication can really, really help. Sometimes it’s tough to get over OCD by yourself, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s a tough disorder to deal with.


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