How To Defend Being Pro-Life While Being Against Illegal Immigration




Just my opinion, but they strike me as hysterical and hyperbolic - not trustworthy.


I second that.


Lol…welp thanks for promoting the thread for those who are interested in pro life opinion,


Heh. Like LifeSiteNews is the pro-life opinion.


Thank you for your comment. It helps keep the thread active for those who wish to view pro life content!


“Pro-life” content.

If they wish to view pro-life content, they certainly don’t need LifeSiteNews spam to get it.


Any articles from an outlet that doesn’t habitually attack the Holy Father?


thanks for that


There are far better sources. I can probably dredge up a crackhead that is pro life. Doesn’t mean they are the best advocate.

NOT making a comparison, for those subject to hysteria.


Not news. It is opinion. You have yours and others have theirs.


Abortion and immigration have nothing to do with each other unless you are advocating that we shoot illegal immigrants when sighted.


What I can’t stand is the conflation of being against illegal and/or uncontrolled migration with wanting people dead or ill-treated. It’s downright dishonest.


x 2.

Not a good site to frequent.


Just my opinion, but your post strikes me as “hysterical and hyperbolic - not trustworthy.”

No one claimed they were “the” pro-life opinion.

And it doesn’t really add anything to the discussion merely to dismiss all of their points on the grounds that the site can be (according to the opinion of some) “hysterical and hyperbolic.”

What were the points made in the article? Are they significant? Why are they wrong! Could some be correct?

No, what we get is “they are not the pro-life opinion.” Very enlightening, that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You might be interested in this article by Edward Feser aptly titled The Ad Hominem Fallacy is a Sin


Well, well.


Loss for words?

Look if you wish to discuss the merits of LifeSiteNews, several threads have been through those weeds recently.

We can save readers some time by pointing them to this thread:

The topic of this, the current, thread is not the validity of LifeSite, it is the question of whether being pro-life Is compatible with being against illegal immigration. That is a valid question and the opinion of the LifeSite writer is open to fair discussion.

To simply not discuss that opinion but to dismiss it outright under the pretext that the entire site is “opinion” and not news doesn’t even rise to the level of “flimsy” on the excuse scale. The article, I would suppose, was written as an opinion piece.

Feel free to disagree with the writer’s opinion – by expressing your own opinion on the points made – and not deflect from discussion by changing the topic.

See how rational discussion works? Or is discredit and dismiss the furthest reach of your intellectual acumen?


At your disinterest in walking the walk, yes.


The OP didn’t discuss the merits of their arguments: the only defense they could offer was that it was “pro-life news.”


Except that wasn’t “offered” as a defense by the OP, it was merely the source where the article originated.

It was you who turned it into a “defense” by reading it as a defense.

So, let’s begin again.

What did the writer of the article opine that you disagree with or take exception to?

You must have some thoughts on that, no? Or do you always respond reflexively whenever you see the words LifeSiteNews?

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