How to discern inspirations of the Holy Spirit


I am not talking about how the Holy Spirit inspires us to do extraordinary things but how He guides us in the everyday moments: how we are to approach God, how to treat our neighbor, how to dispose ourselves, how to make small spiritual changes, how to grow in the interior life by striving towards virtue, how to discern and carry out God’s will in the smallest detail of our daily life.

To get acquainted with the Holy Spirit, for me, has been a long process of trials and errors. Through this thread I wish that we could come up with lessons we have learned in our own spiritual life about how to discern the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

You know the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with it if a thought or idea:

  1. Is against the Bible, church teaching.
  2. Causes us to have uncharitable attitudes towards our neighbor.
  3. Causes us to neglect our present duties.
  4. ?
  5. ?

There is a good chance the Holy Spirit is prompting us if:

  1. We have a consistent burden for certain people or cause.
  2. ?

I am hoping that you will make the list grow by adding your perspectives. Thank you!


I think your focus on “everyday moments” is right for the “big things” require prayerful discernment over time which is another matter entirely.

With regard to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in “everyday moments” I think the key is this:

First, we must learn to pray in all times and circumstances. This is the foundation for everything.

Second, we must learn to “hear” His voice as it comes to us in our thoughts. These are often spontaneous, random tugs to small acts of love and kindness that seemingly come from nowhere . . . independent of what we were doing at the time. The more pure the intention (and free of any self-interest or gain) the more we can be sure it’s His voice we’re hearing rather than our own. Often though - and especially in the beginning - our voices will be co-mingled.

Third, we must learn to act upon these thought impulses . . . promptly, cheerfully, lovingly . . . and without any expectation of a particular outcome. That’s in His hands.

Dave :slight_smile:


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