How to discern my vocation/calling?


Hi I still do not know my purpose in life. God said “Be still and know that I am God” should I do nothing? and just let life pass me by? :shrug: I went to adoration to ask Jesus but I do not hear anything and i do not have a spiritual director like the saints… any advice?


Pray specifically that many other believers will come to you and talk to you a lot about your ministries and theirs.

Those that don’t accept that the only crown they’ll get is the one they help people like you get, are stunting your growth.

Then if folks like you and I don’t pray that this appetite be awakened in them, we’re stunting theirs.

The entire Old and New Testaments are about ministries, callings, fruits, gifts.

The vast majority of gifts and callings are applicable to both single and married people, and don’t involve joining orders or even an official volunteer position. Billions of vacancies currently open!

Hopefully, you’ll be more successful than me in having fellow believers attend your home for free-style prayers and Bible Study - or have you round to theirs.

Don’t forget to implore the Almighty constantly for just government in your country and mine.


Are you a student? Do you work? Are you attending Mass regularly? Do you have access to Catholic role models? Do you read about saints or theology? Do you have career ambitions?


How old are you, and how long have you been trying to figure this out?

It sounds as if you are waiting for God to speak to you directly and tell you what His will is in your life. In my experience, it does not work this way the vast majority of the time. More often, we find the answers we seek through things that happen to us in our lives and with the assistance of prayer. This is impossible if we don’t live our lives, or if we don’t pray. We must do both.

Yeah, that happens to me as well. Most of the time I’ve had to figure things out either on my own or with the help of the humans around me. Prayer is instrumental in gaining the clarity you seek, but it isn’t meant to be the sole tool for discernment. We must do some of our own work also. God does not release us in all circumstances from having to make decisions by ourselves.

In Searching for and Maintaining Peace, Fr. Jacques Philippe elaborates eloquently on this topic. See Chapter 16, “Unrest When We Have Decisions to Make.”

My advice is to find a spiritual director who will accompany you on this journey.

The book mentioned above may also be beneficial. It has helped me immensely.

Have you spoken to a priest about all of this?



It is a simplistic viewpoit to think that God whispers to us “GO BE A NUN” or “GO BE A SOCIAL WORKER”.

What are you good at?
Do your skills translate into a passion and excellence that can glorify GOd? Is it something to benefit society at large? Something like music that brings joy but can also be used in the Church? Do you excel at science? Could you pursue the field of ecology or research in medicine?
What are you good at? What makes you happy?
How can that special talent God gave to you enrich His kingdom on earth?
THAT is what you need to figure out. **Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you clarity. **


Get involved with your parish. Pray more, and do more spiritual reading. Be willing to do whatever God wants you to do. You could ask an accessible priest to meet once in a while to give you some guidance. (The saints tend to have directors because it is an important part of actually becoming a saint!)

This is nearly universally applicable advice.


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