How to Discern Voices

How do you discern between the voice of God and Satan in your life?

God never asks me to do anything that goes against His teachings.


Satan is guaranteed to be full of trickery and evil.
Satan is constantly lying too. Imagine that ?
Violence and murder and rape - he’s behind it !

I hear the voice of God when I go to Mass and listen to the Gospel, i feel His Love in my heart when I talk to Him when I need a friend and He has always been there…;

Now as far as the evil one, I say the powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel ,if I even hear a whisper and he takes off with his tail between his legs.


Are you hearing voices


From St. John of the cross–“They say, ‘God told me,’ or ‘God replied to me’. And yet most of the time they are talking to themselves.” This sounds like an insightful statement to me.


If is makes you love God and neighbour more then it is likely it is from God.


That’s something that crossed my mind when I read the OP too. OP, whatever you do, remember that God would never want you to do something that goes against His teachings. If a voice tells you to kill someone go see a shrink ASAP!


God speaks to us through His Holy Church. If you are “hearing” something that does not come from the Church, it likely comes from your own mind, in rare cases it could be temptation from Satan.

Love for others or selfishness

I find God’s voice has way more reverb. :rofl:

“My sheep hear my voice”. John 10:u5272:

That is something to contemplate.


If you are familiar with Scripture and Catechism , you can recognize the voice of God.

If the “brain is spotted by sins” (Shakespeare) or by lust, like in the youth, it is extremely difficult for a person to recognize the voice of God from the voice of lust, or from the voice of sinful mind.

Usually those who are constantly awake are more sensitive to the voice of God.

If you are actually hearing voices this may have nothing to do with the supernatural. It may be a physical issue.

We should all be advising you to see your health professional.


God will bring you peace and goodness.

Satan will try and make you feel bad, and will tend to tell you lies about yourself.

God wants what’s good for you.

God will want to bring you closer to Him. Satan will try and pull you away from God. For example, we can be tempted to sin.

Ive heard somewhere that Holy Spirit will command you to action- for example you sinned but you realise it and you go to confession.
And this evil will accuse you, you may feel paralyzed about the sin, that you are not worthy going to confession.
Overall the God’s words bring real peace in soul.

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No, we NEVER base things on feelings. Feelings lie.

@Nap there are some very good responses in this thread. Do discuss with your parish priest around scriptural guidance with Discernment of Spirit/Voices.

When one hears such words or witnesses a physical event then you will need to ask yourself the question: Will this bear fruit and glorify the name of God, or will it distract and detour me from God? Taking the word at face value without seeking confirmation and direction can detour you from the will of God.

When you receive revelation, prophetic words or an answer to prayer. Discern it. Test it. Bring it back to the Holy Spirit through prayer and test it against the Word of God.

The Word of God instructs us to test the spirits as in (1 John 4:1)

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world

If confusion is present during times of discernment, it is from the enemy. (1 Corinthians 14:33).

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace"


If it is the evil one, it will try to lead you to things like anger, luxury, pride, immorality…

Discerning the voice of God from satan in one’s life does not always equate to craziness fixed only by anti-psychosis medication. If that is the case then all the prophets and Jesus in the bible were nutcases. Jesus heard from God all the time (satan too!). Mary heard voices. The apostles heard voices.

But I guess that was the old times and ever since the last apostle died humans no longer hear voices from spiritual beings and if they do they are insane and should be medicated. Now off my soapbox.

What if the small, inner voice of conscience (God or satan?) tells you to do something that will help someone and does follow God’s ten commandments and does give you peace when you hear the command. But then after you follow the voice the result in your life is something bad happening or not the result that you thought it would be. Is that God talking to you or satan? Can we discern by the result? Good result=God, bad result=satan. I don’t think so, since God allows bad things to happen in your life and sometimes requires that you go through it. Also satan will tell you to do good things knowing that the result will be bad.

I just can’t seem to discern the voices of conscience.

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