how to discern

i want to know how do you discern when do you have to act when you see something wrong.

for example i see on youtube, that sometimes on the first page, videos with pornographic images for thumbnails appear, and I feel like i have to report them to protect young viewers. but sometimes its problematic, so i end up very angry at people for watching that, and to other Christians for letting me feel like im alone in this, since nobody seems to be doing anything.

and sometimes i feel like im taking too much responsibility on stuff its not my bussines. so i want to know a good thumbnail rule you have for situations in general.

youtube does not allow pornographic content.

Believe me, if you are on the internet looking to act on when you see something “wrong”, you’d be there for a very long time.

You can find just about anything online, so I would spend your energy and resources on protecting young children in the real world, not just from viewing internet content, that’s their parent’s job.

i dont just mean online, i mean in general.

There is always a moral obligation to raise awareness about social and personal sins. It is merely a matter of how we do so.

Discerning God’s Will in general terms (and how we should follow it) is a major element of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, which you can find and participate free on line at
The question of opposing evil is in my view one of the greatest problems and difficulties of Christianity, stemming from the several Gospel reports of Jesus’ instruction not to oppose evil.
In the only interpretation that I can understand is that Jesus probably addressed this instruction to His Disciples because he wanted to protect their lives during His ministry. I think it can apply today to priests–but I discern that other Christians have a moral and traditional obligation to protest and oppose evil to the best of their ability.

Here’s how I think about it. Each person is called to do something; we each have a God given purpose on this earth. You’re supposed to try to figure out what it is and then go about trying to do it. Part of knowing what your are called to do is paying attention to things that are in your life that you feel strongly about.

You see these images on youtube and feel a need to do something about it. I would think that you might be on to something there. I would suggest some prayer about it to try to figure it out what, if anything you’re supposed to do. I tend to be less formal about it… but each person will discern their calling in their own way. God’s pretty amazing that way! For me it was ongoing prayer through a crisis in my life (my calling is an offshoot of the crisis), asking for guidance and wisdom to know what to do, being open to receiving that wisdom, and a well timed conversation with my priest. I ended up with a stream of ideas about this calling that was like a flood; thankfully I had a computer nearby!

Really, pray about it and be listening for an answer. You will likely get an answer one way or the other, and perhaps in unexpected ways. Those feelings you have and ideas about what you should do… may just be your answer. Or maybe you will feel drawn in a different direction. You just need to be sure that whatever you are feeling the need to do is good and promotes God.

I hope this helps!!

Speak up when a person is in danger of losing his/her soul, or in order to prevent a person from losing his/her soul. God bless you.

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