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So this question goes through my head quite often: How do you discern what God wants for your life? I know that you have to seek Him and ask Him often where He wants you, but how do you know it’s Him speaking to you and not just you trying to map out your own life?


Go from what you know to what you don’t know, and that often begins with your daily timetable. Give your day to Him when you rise, and your pure heartbeats of sleep. Include Mass and sacraments; meal prayers; Angelus; Divine Mercy at 3pm; Liturgy of the Hours, if possible. Be content to sanctify your present life with honoring God. Develop your friendship with Him.

Bit by bit, the Spirit will begin to remove your heart from earthly things, and become more concerned for the spiritual. Develop the cloister/chapel of the heart.

Believe me, if you don’t have that friendship with God first, any trial of religious life will fall apart.

Events in one’s life will also end up dictating God’s will for you. Many vocations come from life-changing events.


Spend time regularly in prayer.

Look for the fruits of an action. Does the action result in peace, love, patience, kindness, faith fullness, etc…


:thumbsup: Yep - that’s pretty much it for most of us. I suppose there are some who hear God more directly, but I’m afraid that’s not me. But I have learned to notice when I’ve taken a wrong turn & change direction.


As someone who has been trying to discern myself, I can say it’s not easy. Prayer is a duh, but on top of that look for where your heart is stirred. If you’re trying to figure out if you’re called to something and you have this unexplained feeling in your gut, that might be the sign that God is sending you. Just keep praying, and keep trying to find signs (if you’re discerning priesthood try and go to mass daily if you can. It helped put my soul at ease a bit).


Thanks everyone for replying! Your answers gave me some clarity. :thumbsup:


Mark virkler teaching how to hear god on utube is a good example how it is done. Being prophetic is what a christian is. So you can two


this article can help


This article gave great advice! I like the idea of keeping a journal. :thumbsup:

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