How To Dispose Blessed Items


I was given a miraculous medal and a divine mercy picture by a so called “Catholic” friend and he assured that these 2 items are blessed by a priest. The reason I doubted him because he is no longer a practicing Catholic as he is practicing some eastern religion + casting spells. I am afraid that he’d cast spells on the “blessed” items and would like to dispose them.

What is the proper way ? Instead of throwing into the rubbish chute, I intend to leave them in a forrest.

Pls advise. Thanks.


I’ve always heard you can dispose of sacramentals by burying them. You might consider taking them to a priest to be blessed instead of throwing them out.



I question, though, what eastern religion casts spells and maintains ties to Catholicism…?


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But before you bury those rosaries, please consider passing them on to a beader, especially a beader who makes / repairs rosaries! :o


If you suspect that he put some sort of “spell” on the items, bury them, but not on your property (to be on the safe side). Or better yet, consult your pastor and ask him what he thinks.


(Note: I’m a Lutheran, so I could very well be wrong)

It would think that just as Christ redeems the sinner, the blessing on the item would be infinitely more important than any ‘spell’.

If you think there is something truly demonic attached to the items, I would urge to you take them to your priest for another blessing or purification - so that you and these items may be a witness the power of Christ over everything that terrifies us.


I agree.

Nick, if you have been involved in the occult in the past or have intrusive thoughts about those kind of things, keeping these items around may be too much of a burden, in which case consult your priest about disposal. But if your concern in on the speculative side, have them blessed by a priest and use them the way they were intended and offer your first prayers for the conversion of the friend who gave them to you. Your priest can sanctify them with his blessing and you can sanctify them by your intent and prayers.


I always heard burning or burying.


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