How to Do Prayer Intentions


My family and I are about to start a prayer intentions journal and, while the journal will just simply be a list, as converts, we have a silly question. How do we actually do prayer intentions? As in, how do I do the actual prayers. I can’t seem to find a guide. All I ever hear is the ending “We all pray to the Lord, Lord Bear our prayer”.


I think that this is lovely! :heart:

There is really no set way to do this.

You can set it up any way that you would like, and if you already have a way of praying that works for you, you can use that.

I very often pray from the heart, and will compose my own prayers.

You can do something very simple like this, as an example.

"Dear Lord,

I come to you today, asking for prayers for my friends and family members.

John is having heart surgery Tuesday and Joan is battling cancer again. I pray for their healing and I ask this in your name. Amen."


“Lord, I come to you today, asking for prayers for all of the members of Catholic Answers Forum. I ask for prayers for their special personal intentions. Please bless them and watch over them and their friends and family members. I ask this in your name. Amen.”

This is a typical prayer that I use for the CAF members. :slight_smile:


What you are doing is fine. My wife and have a prayer intention journal (she keeps it up) where we right the name, what we are praying for and the date if applicable. Then we list as many of the intentions as we can remember (usually the most recent ones) when we begin our morning rosary. But you do what works for you and change it as you see fit.



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