How to dress "appropriately"


What does it mean by dressing modestly?

And where does it say this in the bible.


Dressing modestly, to me, means simply dressing so that you are not an occasion of sin by your clothing or lack of same, for someone else (which is uncharitable and therefore sinful). Love/charity is throughout the Bible. Dressing is one way a person can be uncharitable/unloving to others, is all. Speaking is another. Actions are another. Thoughts are another.

Dressing appropriately has more to do with societal norms, including what a person has grown up with (as opposed to what they’d like it to be). It also has to do with Charity towards others and respect for the them - including, at Mass, respect, love and reverence for Him who you have before you.




Brigid said it well.

Dress modestly is very important. For women, we should not wear low cut or short skirts to Mass. There is a young Eucharist minister in our church always wear low cut. Sometimes it is way too low. It is very inappropriate and could cause temptation to others. She participated one of our summer classes and dressing modestly was brought up once during class discussion. The following week she wore a normal blouse; but then she went back to “her normal” low cut each time again. :eek:


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