How to ease the "GoGoGo" mentality


My friend told me she wakes up already panicking about how much she has to do that day. Throughout the day, she says she is already thinking about the next thing she has to do. Even when trying to relax, she is still thinking about work - she is self-employed.

What are some good prayers or spiritual thoughts for her to ease her Go Go Go mentality?


Try 10 mins of quiet time.

Take 10 minutes of your day away from noise and gogogo. This requires some discipline. This also takes some time to allow your thoughts to calm and center.

I got this advice from a book I read a couple months “Rediscovering Catholicism”.

You can invite God in during this quiet time. It requires no specific prayers other than listening to what God is telling you.

Believe me this works. I have a full time job with two kids and experience the gogogo like you would not believe. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps…


Great advice. For me, I was finding myself so very busy at times, with work, caregiving for a parent, helping with grandchildren, and traveling (work), that I was too overwhelmed to even squeeze out 10 minutes of quiet time. And I was often feeling quite anxious.

Here is what I began doing, ever so little in the beginning. I learned a couple of very easy short prayers, and I got in the habit of praying them as often as I could remember. One is the Jesus or sinner’s prayer, which I started out by at least saying as soon as I woke up in the morning, gradually remembering to recite it more and more often throughout the day. And the other is a Holy Spirit prayer that simply goes, “Come, Holy Spirit. Come now. Come as You wish.” To those two, I began adding a morning offering and an Our Father and a Hail Mary. There are still occasional days when that is about all I manage to pray. But even now, on an especially busy day, when well into the day I haven’t remembered to pray, just saying the Jesus prayer or a Holy Spirit prayer usually draws me into more prayer.

Since I am often commuting by car or other means, far, far from home and far from my books, Bible, EWTN, and Catholic radio, it has helped me tremendously to begin memorizing prayers. When I have access to nothing else, no rosary, no TV, no radio, no iPod or computer, no books, it is so helpful to be able to recite some of my favorite prayers that I have finally been able to commit to memory.

Probably I haven’t eased the Go Go Go mentality that well yet, but I have such an increased sense of calm and far less anxiety now, armed with my super short and other memorized prayers.


I found this traditonal Catholic prayer for the beginnng of a day’s work:
Direct, we beg you O Lord, our actions by your holy inspirations, and grant that we may carry them out with your gracious assistance; that every work and prayer of ours may begin always with you and through you be happily ended.

I find this very reassuring and use it as my (personal) email signature.


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