How to ensure my godchild's religious education


My husband and I are godparents to our nephew. He and his mom live several hours away from us. Other family members told me that last year she did not sign him up for religious education classes in first grade. We knew that other family members had talked to her about this, and I never said anything. Now I find out that she is not always taking him to Mass. I am confused by this because she is in the chior a one of the Masses and is involved in a retreat at the church. I don’t know if it is just convenience to leave him home or what is going on. Can anyone give me some advice for discussing all of this with the mom. As godparent I feel it is important to make sure my godson learns his faith and is able to participate in the sacraments. However, directly questioning a persons parenting skills never ends well.



You might call her up and ask how little Johnny is doing, and ask is he all excited about prep for his First Holy Communion? Tell her what sort of prep is required in your Diocese and Parish, compare the two programs, etc.

Since you are the Godparents, making plans for FHC is logical!


If he attends parochial school, she may think that the preparation will be sufficient. If not, I don’t know what to tell you.

I am my nephew’s Godmother and confirmation sponsor, and his parents never take him to Mass, no matter what I say. I’m also Godmother to my niece, who never gets to Mass. Her mom (my sister) laughed one time when N went to Communion and has to be reminded of the response. You just can’t get through to some people.


kage_ar’s idea is good. You might also want to keep your godson supplied with religious books, a rosary, and all the other religious goods necessary as gifts. Finally, when you are in the same town, ask permission to take him with you when you go. And don’t stop praying for him, and his mom!


I would bring this up in a very happy way. Like someone else suggested…“are you excited about your First Holy Communion?” I would hesitate to ask a small child more than that since he may grow embarassed if you ask him if he goes to Mass.

I also agree with the suggestion of keeping the faith alive in him by sending him little prayer cards, children’s rosaries and religious toys. He will love getting these, it will be special from you and it will hopefully spark his faith.

Lastly and most importantly…pray, pray, pray and pray some more. This is hard I know I am in a similiar situation. I will pray too. Hope this helps a little, welcome to the forums I am so glad you found us!


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