How to evangelize the Hindu culture??

I am constantly in contact with Hindus (all very wealthy) and honestly thier culture seems like it completely alien to me. They come off very rude and remeaning towards others

Some times I just want to scream you need Jesus !!!

Any ideas

Well, if they’re serious about Hinduism you could break the ice by talking to them about Christian mysticism. Maybe they’d open up to Hesychasm, which is the Byzantine Catholic form of it.

I don’t know about evangelizing Hindu people specifically, but I haven’t found an overwhelming number of Hindu people to be rude or demeaning. I have a Hindu student whose parents insist he kiss my feet when he comes into my room, so they have an comparatively extreme respect for teachers at least. Perhaps some professions are more respectable than others in their culture? The only mean Hindu person I ever met was a lady who I worked with in a fast food restaurant. She kept calling me the name of a girl who had worked there previously to me and she shrieked orders at people rather than asking for things. After a few weeks I had had it and I told her that before she spoke to me again she was going to learn my name and the word “please”. She straightened up really fast after that, but she’d been getting away with talking to people like that for five years at that restaurant.

You have to speak the language(culture) for them to understand you. Expecting them to think and act like westerners will get you no where. The Gospel can be brought to all people.

OK, I’ll try and help. I know a little about Hinduism through my contact with the Indian community (for obvious reasons).

Firstly, the term ‘Hinduism’ is really an umbrella term for a wide variety of different belief systems, just as Christianity has a wide variety of variants. Unlike Sikhism or Catholicism, Hinduism doesn’t have a specific founder or any particular creeds and so practices and beliefs vary massively between schools and local cultures. This can make any sort of research or reading on Hinduism rather difficult.

One belief which may provide an inroad to talking with a Hindu is reincarnation and karma. This system teaches that there is a system of rebirths, with the body you are reborn into dependent on your actions whilst living. These actions in life will gain you negative or positive karma and so act to decide where you are destined to be reborn. Salvation is freedom from this cycle and a state of freedom. Again this will likely depend on the specific form of Hinduism you’re dealing with, as this is more a majority belief than a necessity of Hindu belief.

I have realized my mind thinks very Latin coming from a family of Polish and German immigrants.

If in India, yes. But in the West, chances are they’re English-speaking. A recent survey of Indian British people showed roughly 92% of people spoke English.

It is my understanding from PBS, that even a large population of Indians in India speak English well, particularly in the cities.

Preach the gospel and let it be heard. Although do it in a manner which won’t make them hate your guts.

It’s an Indian official language and often schools will teach in English either partially or totally. So the chances are that particularly in the cities and bigger towns, you’ll find that a lo of people will know even the most basic English.

I am sorry they have been rude to you. Indians in the US are mostly well off and comfortable in their beliefs, so I think it will be quite difficult to evangelize to them.

To find someone receptive, you may have to go to India. But you should be careful, many people there including the government may not be that friendly towards anyone who proselytizes.

The greatest modern “Hindu” saint said, “the first step in preaching is to make friends with people.” So why not practice treating them exactly as you would if they were Jesus Christ standing in front of you. That’s Biblical. Let that sincere love and genuineness be the extent of your efforts to convert them. Step two will manifest automatically. I kind of get the feeling you are not doing this. I am now reading Saints of the American Wilderness. Talk about constantly dealing with a culture that is alien! So this is another idea. Read the book. See how they dealt with the culture and people of the Huron Indians Nation in 1600 along the Saint Lawrence River, Lake Eric, etc.

A major challenge is they come from the upper Hindu caste

If I go back to the 1500s my family heritage was Hindu (from the southern coast tip of India) but we converted to Catholicism about a few years before St. Francis Xavier came to India. I really don’t know exactly how the conversion took place but I praise God for his Mercy and Grace to open our eyes and hearts.

We were not Brahmins and I understand the latter are the hardest ones to convince. Adamski…you are right! :smiley:


and example

God bless




First of all Hindus don’t know what it means to be a Hindu, no Hindu is following the Vedic Aryan religion and I do not consider them as Hindus.

Stop judging the Gentiles, if you try to evangelize highly intellectual Hindus then you’ll end up being evangelized into their religion yourself because they know more about the mystery of Christ than your fellow orthodox Catholics.

This post makes absolutely no sense.

Luke 8:10 He said, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, "‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’

Its quite obvious that it doesn’t make any sense to you, how can it be, for no one preaches the correct message of Christ and his gospels in any of your Christian Conferences. I’m ain’t surprised about this remark of yours.

So naturally, you are aware of “the correct message of Christ and his gospels”?

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