How to evangilize someone

There is a new girl at work. I am training her so I am the person she spends the most time with. So when it is time for social talk, she comes to me. Today she asked if she could walk with me when I go to the store to buy my lunch to which I agreed.

This woman had previously shared with me that she was living with her boyfriend and he wants to get married and she never wants to get married again. I dismissed it as modern day talk. Well, today she told me it is because she used to be in an abusive marriage. I expressed to her I was sorry for what she went through. She then proceeded to tell me she converted to being a Mormon in her 40s but she does not go to any church because she does not like the hypocrisy and simply practices Christianity at home.

I felt like I should say something like ‘Go to Jesus, He will heal your wounds.’. But I did not know how to do it appropriately. Since we work together, even though we were not technically on company property, we were on lunch going back to the office. Sadly, I am always cautious about showing my religious beliefs at work due to the consequences it can create.

So, what are some suggestions on how I can show the love of Jesus in a positive way, knowing full well, that chances are, she does not want to hear it?


God bless you and thank you for caring so much!

I think you need to be careful, because as her trainer you are in a** bit** of a position of authority over her. You didn’t say you were her supervisor, I believe you are her co-worker, however you would probably agree that in some respects you have some position of authority. If you were to go to a supervisor and complain that “this trainee is having problems” there would probably be backlash. In other words you two are not exactly equals, at least not for the moment therefore there is a problem here.

If I were being trained in on my new job by a practicing Muslim and during casual conversation complained about my life, and in turn they told me I had to “Go to Mohammed and read the Koran” I would be instantly uncomfortable. Especially if I had just met them!

I think your goal should be to evangelize! However it might be that you do so by slowly building a relationship. You can show her in love how Jesus can heal her wounds! I say this because if you are in a relationship with her and you are friends, then your words will have deep meaning when you finally say “Go to Jesus, he will heal your wounds.”

Very tough question but pertinent one. I’m a firm believer a person must be baptized and come to Jesus himself/herself. Have that much of a seed to let be watered and to grow. She may have been baptized - this is a good thing. She went to a Christian Church. This is a good thing.

Christmas Season is upon us … perhaps, take her to a Catholic Church Midnight Holy Mass? The beauty is unparalleled. The music so wonderful. Pray for her, too. Good luck!

Evangelization always starts with love. “This is how the world will know that you are my disciples. That you love one another” (John 13:34-35).

In your specific case, you want to take it slow and let her kind of lead. Let her ask questions for bring things up. As another said, you are training her at work so you want to be careful…don’t have these conversations “on the job” (too much).

I like the response that you were inspired to give. I think that it would be a good starting point. Try to be seen as a mentor, an “ear” for her. Guide her gently with simple questions or comments.

Coming from an abusive relationship is heart wrenching for people. She is deeply damaged so this is another reason to go slowly and be her friend first. Trust can only be rebuilt over time.

Then just let the Holy Spirit lead you.


Well, she is forever saying ‘I report to you’ and I am telling her ‘no you don’t’. And she knows that I told management how the two new girls were doing and the other girl never came back:rolleyes: So she does know I could have an influence.

But I see that as more of a reason to NOT tell me her personal baggage.

True, but she is forgetting that I just met her as well and being told about an abusive marriage when I know her less than 2 weeks made me akward. Not to mention, she brought up she was Mormon first

There is a flip side to that. I can not listen to her unfortunate past “on the job” (too much) (notice my quote ;))

Not only am I training her, I have my work to do. I have enough interruptions by her to help her with her work, I can’t spend more time listening to her past.

I guess at the end of the day, I don’t have much patience and if I can’t get to point right away ie Jesus will heal your wounds, I rather go do something else. After all, this is an office and I am being paid to do my work

Be yourself. Be the most faithful, loving Catholic you can be. I volunteer at a place largely run and staffed by evangelicals, and the best way I’ve found to evangelize is just be me; that is, not go out looking to evangelize. For instance, if they ask what I did on the weekend, I might say something like “Well, after mass, we went here or there.” If they ask about ‘mass’ then I can help answer questions. But ultimately, just present yourself in an honest way, and trust God. Don’t necessarily try to evangelize, just be prepared if God presents an opportunity for you.

The best way to evangelize is to live the Gospel with with faith, hope and charity. Above all avoid proselytizing, which is not evangelizing.

Perhaps you should ask yourself a deeply honest question. Do you really want to see results by helping to bring this woman to Jesus Christ, or does part of you want to mention Jesus to get her off your back and to stop her from rambling on about her problems? It sounds as if she has a bit of an annoying personality to be sure, because she is almost using you (her trainer) as a counselor of sorts which is not your place.

It might be wise as a professional, to quickly change the topic when she rambles to “I am sorry that happened” or even ask “Is it okay if I pray for you?” might be a kind gesture? Offer prayers to her and assure her that you are praying for her.

Remember Angelwannabe that since God created the universe He has known from the beginning that this woman would be in your life! No one said that spreading the Gospel would be easy. You said you are impatient and want to say “Jesus will heal your wounds” and get it over with but it is interesting that you can’t do that in this situation. God has a profound way of putting us in uncomfortable circumstances to draw us to deep spiritual growth sometimes. It happens to me frequently and I am often blind to it when I am in the middle of it. Please be assured of my prayers and thank you for sharing.

The answer is: The more I practice my religion, the more I feel I should bring people to God and I am doing this largly out of guilt. I can just hear a voice in the back of my head 'What kind of Catholic would NOT tell her about Jesus’s healing love

Bit :rolleyes: I am finding her REALLY annoying but I am trying to put that aside and be more loving. I find it frustrating because she doesn’t work very independently. I wrote detailed notes for her to do her jobs. There are only 16 pages. The other day I really needed to finish something. She came to me and said ‘I want to work on blah, blah blah’ I said ‘You don’t need to tell me that, you are trained enough I trust you know how to spend your time. Please don’t disturb me for the rest of the day (it was 3:30) because I need to finish something before I leave’. She walked away saying under her breath ‘Well, I will wait until tomorrow since I don’t know where it is in the notes’:banghead: She couldn’t even flip through 16 pages of notes ??? The worst is, she wanted to work on 'TASK X" and there is a title in the notes ‘TASK X’.

If I met her in a social circle, I would see it differently, but when someone is already annoying me because of their work habits, it is harder to be patient in other situations

Good point, thanks for mentioning it

It sounds like you are training her all right for her job. Continue to be patient but firm so that she will learn how to work more independently.

I know what a drag it is when a co-worker comes to chat too often and too long about personal troubles. I am not very good at cutting them off. Maybe I should wind up a kitchen timer and set it for 5 minutes, and when it rings, tell them we both have to get back to work.

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