How to Explain the Trinity to Mormons

My friend and I were having a wonderful theology discussion yesterday. I was saying how in the bible i can really see God as a trinity not seperate. Anyway she talks about how Jesus talks to God and his baptism that God spoke to his son (I’m sure many of you have heard this)

Anyway she says how can they 3 in one with all this evidence showing otherwise. I showed her John and how it is linked to Psalm 22.

What I am asking is how can I show her the trinity I believe in with love and respect to her. It ios hard for me to explain to her because we believe 2 different things. As an example she believes God has a body- I do not.

Any websites or scriptures you all use(d) if you converted or have talked to your mormon friends would be great. I am just trying to get on her level. Thanks so much.

Also my Dad has his Cancer Surgery today and it went well. took 5 hours but is stable. Thakns for all your prayers

May God bless and watch over your father. May he guide the people who are caring for him,

God Bless,

Thank you, Patty, for introducing this topic. As a Mormon, I would very much like to see what everybody comes up with.

…I hope your Dad is going to be well.

Hey Everyone I found a wonderful resorce and no longer need links thanks so much anyway

Of course there is stuff all over this site that speaks about Trinity. Within the scriptures everywhere.
When you begin to see it you begin to see it all. Like those pictures you have to concentrate on to see a Rose or an Indian behind the aspens. A Morman man said to me…what is God a really good ventriloquist? Is Jesus just a puppet of God? The he laughed. I was ok with it because he did not know what and whom he was laughing about. I told Him no…God is Father and Son and Holy Spirit. When God spoke to Jesus, Jesus was God the Son. When Jesus speaks to His Father He speaks to His Father. But they are One God, this is Christianity.
Trinity to me is God of course, all things come from God. I have a great sense of Trinity in my life. I witness God as Love, in this love something has to be loved and this has always been a relationship of oneness / Love between the Father and the Son, love…their Holy Spirit. But they are three undivided. I have no love in me other than what comes through me by them. Think about yourself, created by God through the Son. You are human… but in this nature is you, your name and all that you are…two natures yet in one body. In a limited way I think about my childhood and my adulthood. Is not there a child in you? Another thing that may help is realizing that God has always been… we on the other hand are creature, created by God. Gifted …adopted freely into what Jesus has always had with the Father. I don’t think of God as a creature like me, I think of Him as my Creator. I see God through Jesus, I feel their guidance daily through their Holy Spirit. This may help…I found this while learning about the faith 11 years ago.

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