How to explain the two College Girls shot & Westboro Baptist Church protest?


Thought about this during the past week, and these protesters as well. Evidently these protesters will be at the churches and the University Memorial Services. Anyone have thoughts to explain to teenagers/college students. With the college shootings in Virginia, Illinois and now these. It is know wonder the parents and students are so anxious.

These guys from Westboro Baptist just add to the anxiety.

  1. How to explain the two College Girls shot at Auburn Univ. & Univ. of North Carolina?

  2. How to explain the Westboro Baptist Church protest? Their quotes and website below.

“First United Methodist Church 327 Lumpkin St. This is for the funeral of Eve Carson. Although her death was reportedly described as “a random crime,” we know that this is nothing less than the Wrath of God upon the children of Disobediance. You have taught your children to cater to every lust and false religous system and to reject the Word of God. It does not matter that she was the student body president of the University of North Carolina. What matters here is that God did not slay YOU today and you have an opportunity to repent of your crimes against God.”

“Temple Kol Emeth 1415 Old Canton Rd. This is for the funeral of Lauren Burk. When another one of these americans die, we rejoice because our God is avenging us for the crimes committed by your cowardly brutes (in uniform or not, it makes no differencee) and whores. Of course, you will not declare this the Wrath of God (Amos 3:6). Don’t you know that if God doesn’t protect you and get your back, you can’t win a war, can’t protect the american house? It doesn’t matter how many police officers you can train to break their oaths, or how many crimes you can praise your marines for committing. You can not fix this nation without God, and now you are doomed because you would not listen to His Messangers.”


The local police in those areas should be banning protestors from the church or temple. They are creating a privacy issue. It has been done successfully in other places. The family has to be proactive with the police, demanding that said protestors be removed.

How to explain people are mistinterpretting the Bible and off on a tangent? I’d try Ask An Apologist or the Apologetics Forum. Some of those people are the best of the best.


Explain that every person has free will, to accept Christ and his Love or to reject Him. Explain that there is sin and evil in this world, and that we need to pray for all those who do not know Christ.


I’ve lived in KS my whole life and come to the realization that there is no credible explaination for the Westboro Baptist Church. They picketed my college graduation. They have picketed football games. All we can do for these poor, misguided souls is to pray that the Holy Spirit can fill their hearts with love instead of hate.


I am sure the Westboro group is frustrated with the Secularist of today, but to take it out on an innocent victim and her family seems way over the top.:shrug:


Some people are so full of hate. I honestly don’t understand how this group can call themselves Christians.

Just tell your children, “Those are the faces of hate. We need to pray for them even more than we pray for ourselves”.



OP - I guess I am not understanding if you are associated with one or both of these tragedies. If you are (or know someone who is) I would suggest calling the Patriot Guard to be present at any protest that these people will be at.

I honestly believe that teenagers and college students get it when they see this. Being from a large college town, I have to say, when they showed up to protest things in our town the college students understood that this is a radical group. From everything I have read, they are not “getting” new members, besides those born into their family.

It is difficult on any family when they show up to any funeral. It is AMAZING when the Patriot Guard is invited to these funerals.


I have already told my kids that the Westboro “Baptist Church” are a bunch of psychos and are NOT Christians. They routinely disobey Jesus’ commandment to “love one another as I have loved you.”

Explaining the shootings? Human sin creates evil in the world.


OP- I also see that you are new, WELCOME to CAF!


Thanks everyone for your input and suggestions. The University moved the Memorial to an inside event so that really minimized the impact from the Westboro group.:o


I see that those nutjobs (poor misguided souls, that is) will also be picketing everywhere the Pope is on his upcoming visit, and at the big Catholic shrine near Disney World (Mary, Queen of the Universe.) One wonders what makes people become so hate filled. They’ve clearly not absorbed Jesus’ message of love for each other.


I’m not surprised they’ll use those poor innocent girls’ deaths to further their own cause–one of hate and death. I’m actually very surprised they have the audacity to protest the Holy Father’s coming this April. I hope he doesn’t look on them as an example of America. :frowning: :nope:


Congress had to pass legislation to prevent these poor misguided souls (aka nutjobs) from protesting funerals of fallen soldiers. A group of motorcycle riding veterans now follows them around and fires up their bikes at the funerals so that no one can hear the awful things they say. Fred Phelps and his crew will do ANYTHING to get themselves and their hateful message in the media. What a fine use of the first amendment.


I contribute the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church not so much on their religious convictions but on mental retardation combined with insanity. No religious denomination should have to take credit for them…they’re certainly the most “un-christian” christians I’ve ever had the displeasure to hear of.


So football games are sinful how??? Sorry the question begged to be asked…


If you’re from their home area, you learn that you have to ignore them, because nothing they do makes any logical sense. The state legislature tried to pass a law forcing them to stand a certain distance away at funerals, but the state supreme court just ruled the law unconstitutional. I guess all we can do is pray that God will change their hearts and bless their victims.


I see by their schedule that they will be in New York to protest the Popes visit.
They will have to share to line with Rainbow Sash.


Now that is a sight I would pay good money to see–Westboro vs Rainbow Sash:thumbsup: :rotfl:


That should be interesting. I see them all spontaneously combusting.:smiley:


I would bring the Folding Chairs to that event.:cool:

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