How to Express and Carry out my Devotion to the Blessed Virgin?

Hello Everyone!

I know I have posted about having a devotion to Mary and the like, but I have a few unanswered questions that I have searched for all over the internet. I have been reading encyclicals written on Mary and Devotion to her, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Saint Louis De Montfort and have gone to numerous webpages dedicated to her. All of them mention that you can overboard in your devotion to Mary, and to avoid practices that are “grossly exaggerated”. How exactly can I tell that I have gone overboard with my devotion and love for her, or if I have exaggerated it? They never specifically tell you what to avoid and this makes me worry if I am doing too much, too little, etc. Also, would anyone be able to maybe list the signs of having a healthy devotion to Mary and what it would like? And how can I build on my love and devotion towards her?

I have always felt a love and attract to Mary, but have always been concerned for being taken as some sort of Mary “extremist” in today’s Society and in the modern Church. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

You can never be “too” devoted to Our Blessed Virgin Mary.

I think that by going overboard they are referring to a superstitious attitude.

I would say “fear not”. Mary is the perfect disciple, and the key to the Heart of Jesus. St. Bernard of Clairvoux said “Of Mary there is never enough”. She is God’s masterpiece.

Be at peace and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit.

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