How to fight sin?

Lately i have had a fierce battle with sin. Sometimes i just stop thinking and for a moment i for example do a sinful thing like lust, but then i regain “conscience” and stop myself. I just stop thinking that its a sin and all and then only after a moment stop myself. The whole world around me is concentrated on lust and things like that, so its hard for me to concentrate that im in fact sinning in that moment. It would be ideal for me to think about God the whole time so i could avoid these situations, but to think about God all the time is impossible. What should i do?


I pray to God for pure thoughts both in my daily prayers and in the middle of temptation. We are not perfect. We can never do what you say, always thinking of God. All we can do is pray that God gives us that gift. I can often go a whole day without any bad thoughts if the environment is right. I avoid the TV shows, movies, and video games that would put me in near occasions of sin. Now of course there are random impure thoughts from my sinful past, but with a lot of prayer I have gotten those down to be pretty rare. Maybe a few times a week at most. As long as I don’t willingly let them linger or engage in them, I do not commit mortal sin.

I also think it will get easier and easier… becoming more of a habit? Like, these things stop being so important…
Focusing on other things, GOOD things, is good.
And yes, of course, prayer.

I really like this answer. Indeed there is always hope in Jesus Christ, and things like this tend to get better. These sufferings are all for the betterment of the Kingdom of Heaven, and I think that would tend to be a consolation :thumbsup:.


I find that ejaculations are very helpful, such as “My Jesus, mercy!” St. Leonard of Port Maurice assured his listeners that anyone who is faithful to the practice of piously reciting this prayer in times of temptation, will be saved. Meditation on eternal things is also very helpful, as it helps to take the appeal out of sin. Sometimes I look at beautiful sunset or something in creation and think, “Imagine what Paradise must be like!”

These words (a paraphrase of Bl. Henry Suso by Ven. Louis de Blois) might come in handy in the future:

“Sometimes a sudden evil thoughts comes into the mind when a man is off his guard, and thus he feels attraction of pleasure, and, forgetting himself for a moment, he does not turn from it as quickly as he ought. Then he thinks that he has turned to it with wilful and deliberate consent, and by his own neglect has sinned mortally. God forbid that we should thus think! For it is the unanimous opinion of holy men that the reason is often taken unawares through sudden thoughts exciting pleasure in the mind, and that it requires a sufficiently long delay and length of time before the reason with mature deliberation becomes fully master of itself. Then it can either receive or reject these suggestions, and thus either commit sin or turn away from it with disgust. And when this happens, men of good will ought never to feel guilty of mortal sin if they wish to trust to the wholesome Catholic teaching. For St. Augustine says that sin is a thing so voluntary, that where a thing is not voluntary it cannot be sinful. (De Vera Religione, cap. 14.)”

Take care and God bless.

Careful with the double meaning of the first noun… I really was confused at first.

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