How to find a catholic girl


I think it is a good thing that you long for a family (i.e marriage I’m guessing). Just remember to be super patient and calm, like “crawling first before walking” and that kind of stuff. However, while patiently searching, I would say

  1. pray more for a good spouse, but V.I.Ply, pray most that you be a good spouse as well. Maybe you could also consider some/ more studies e.g Church & Scripture teachings on marriage, the role of a husband, father etc. Consider too participating in parish activities. In a parish I once was in, they organized gatherings where couples shared their experiences with singles. I attended for a while, learned a lot and loved the experience (this encouraged me to read even more).

  2. A job. I really don’t think in the Lord’s eyes, a man is ready for marriage till he can first afford to take care of a family financially. But well, this is my opinion.

  3. Patience. I used to dream of a story like in the book of Tobit. But i’v learned the Lord has a unique track of everyone and time is a tool He uses to teach us. so i’d also say be patient, try too suppress any excessive anxiety and allow the Lord use time to teach you.

  4. More patience/ prayers. :smiley:
    But yes, once you’ve done your best, be rest assured the Lord shall do the rest.


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