How to find a TLM

Is there a way to locate a TLM… like a website that lists where you could go? I used to attend some during college but don’t know where to find one now.
Thank you

This was posted on another thread during a different conversation so,
**Here it is
**Its a little over a year old but should still be close.
IOWA is one of the plentiful states:
Iowa Diocese of Davenport St. Boniface Church 2500 North Pershing Blvd. Clinton IA 52732 Sun at 9:30 AM 1962

Diocese of Des Moines St. Peter Church 618 East 18th Street Des Moines IA 50316 4th Sun at 11:15 AM 1962

Archdiocese of Dubuque Basilica of St. Francis Xavier 104 Third Street SW Dyersville IA 52040 Sun at 12 Noon 1962

Diocese of Sioux City Cathedral of the Epiphany 1011 Douglas Street Sioux City IA 51105 2nd and 4th Sun at 7:30 AM. 1962
1962 = the TLM in the 1962 Pre-VATII Missal.

Here’s a slightly more up to date website that focused primarily on the 1962 Mass (TLM).

Best of luck

And one more suggestion…

I called the Chancery office of my Diocese and found there were a number of TLM’s offered regularly not listed on the website.

you might give that a try.

good luck, maurin

Thank you all. I will check out the website and will probably call the chancery, too.
Thanks again!

One good resource for this:

Be careful with that site, some of them are sedevacantists.

They may be worse than sedevacantists, which view is, believe it or not, a valid theological opinion not requiring censure. The worse they may be is entirely uncharitable and one-sided. But that resource is useful. They also have a good Kalendar, for when you want to know what liturgical day it is.

Why Catholics should fear sedevacantism more than “Catholic divorce” or lukewarmness is beyond me.

I don’t fear them, I find some of their points insightful. I find others offensive and silly.

However, less formed Catholics or ones new to the traditional world may misinterpret what sedevacantists say as the normative view of traditionalists.

In a nut shell, they won’t be able to decipher the trash from the wisdom. That is why I am fearful of someone being directed to traditio.

(I am not trying to speak for the OP. All opinions are my own. I have no idea how well formed he is).

Well, now we’ve successfully pointed out the resource, and the warning that inevitably comes with it.

Ok, here’s what you do- go down to Fifth Street, and turn down the small alley behind the abandoned cinema. At the end of the alley you will see a door. Knock three times, wait six seconds, then knock twice and slip a twenty under the door. The guy who opens it will give you a phone number- call it, give the password and the person on the other end will tell you how to find your TLM. Just play it cool and dont give yourself away :cool:

Caesar, you’re letting him know about that way!?? Man, they’re going to get us now! :cool:

For our friends outside North America:

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