How to find out if someone is employed?


My sister’s ex claims to be unemployed now for two months. He is cop and I know they are hiring. I think he is working and not reporting the income for he owes child support. How can we find out if a person is working?


Through insurance maybe?


You need to consult your lawyer.


your sister should have the dept that handles child support in her state garnish his wages for child support payments .

This is easy enough to do and they would then know if he is employed or not.


If you’re just curious, why not call the station he works at and ask for him?


Go to DHR, they can get the job done.

If you don’t want to bring DHR into the situation, a lawyer can have a judge sign off for the state to release that information. The only way to find out will be through State Unemployment taxes being paid on him by his employer.

Note, I’m not a lawyer. :rolleyes:


Thanks to all of your answer. My sister’s ex was self employed with his own daycare business, but that was closed about a month ago. He still claims that he can’t get a job as a cop for he says they are on freeze everywhere he has applied. This is what he told the judge too. I emailed someone in one of the police dept. he claims is on a freeze and they are not and are hiring cops. I just think he is working somewhere, but not reporting it for he knows the moment he is, the state wants to garnish his wages. He owes so much already on past child support and was ordered by the judge to pay $50.00 a week, two months ago, but has not either.

My sister has a lawyer, but she is unsure if she wants to go to court again for her ex finally agreed to counseling with her and the counselor wants her to give her ex a chance to pay once he gets a job. I think he is taking his time on purpose. I was just wandering if there was a way to find out if he was working. He was told in the last court date on to get behind again in his payment and so far, that is the case again.

I guess, my sister will have to tell her attorney to find out if he is indeed working and not reporting it. My niece says she sees her dad in a police uniform on her visitations, so he could be lying again.

Thanks again for all of your responses.


Shouldn’t that be between your sister and her ex? Would you want someone checking up on whether or not you were working?



If I have nothing to hide, I won’t mind if everyone knew I worked. I am doing this for my sister and she is wanting to know if her ex is working. You don’t know the whole story and all I will say is that the ex has a lying problem, almost pathological. I think my sister should get her child support and it affects the entire family for we, my parents and myself and others of my sister, have to support her and her two kids financially. We need to know if he is working for even the counselor has told him that he needs to grow up and step up to the plate and take responsibility. He is remarried and said his money all goes to his new wife and her children. The counselor has told him and the judge that his first responsibility is to his first wife and his kids not his second family. His new wife is mentally sick and has hates it that he has to pay child support to my sister.

Like I said, you don’t know the whole story for you to make this comment to me. I am not being a busy body just for the sake of knowing and prying into someone elses business. I am doing this for my niece and nephew who are being supported by their mom the best she can on her little income and by the rest of her family. This ex is a liar and we don’t put it past him to not state that he has a job for the counselor has told him that his first paycheck, the whole thing, should go to my sister for his children. He did not like this!


I have no experience in this area, but I would think that the state has a list of people who should be paying child support and when wages are reported to the state on a quarterly basis for unemployment tax purposes, his social security number will raise a big red flag.

Child Support is very serious business with the state and federal governments. For example, federal income tax refunds are withheld due to deliquent child support.


Not sure how it works in your state, but as a deputy in Wisconsin, all of my info is open records because I work for the government.

That means you can call the county and find out if I work there, how long I worked there, how much I make, what benefits (i.e. insurance) i use, and the average number of hours I work per week…it’s all public information.

The only information you might not get is where I am scheduled to work on a particular day and what hours, but that is for security reasons.

It’s not like a private employer where they don’t have to say. Not sure who these DHR people are that DJgang speaks about…so I don’t know about that.



The trouble is, if he is working and getting paid under the table, is employment status is probably not recorded anywhere publicly available. If this is true, the IRS would probably want to know about it too…

Your niece said she has seen him in a police uniform–could he be working as a security guard someplace?

I agree that your sister should speak to her attorney. I wonder if the services of a private investigator would be warranted here? A good laywer could probably advise your sister about that, too.


Most of us don’t have anything to hide. However, I still would not want someone to be able to make a call and get all sorts of info about me. Anyway, if you ask me, it is too much like “Big Brother” out there now.


Thisis what we have heard too and supposely Florida does this also, but they did not and the dad got all of his refund when he owes $3500.00 in back child support and now he can add two more months of not paying which equals now to $5500.00. He has been shown sympathy by the judge in this case at every hearing. The last hearing he had to pay $2000.00 of the back child support that he owed or go to prison and was found in contempt, but he begged mercy to the judge not to file him in contempt or he would not get a job as a cop if that was on his record. The jugde gave him what he requested as long as he pay the $2000.00 and than he goes and tells his two children that his mother wants to put him in prison. He is a very bad man to say the least and needs much prayer for he is really lost.

He just talked to his daughter yesterday for now he won’t talk to my sister because they were getting alone in couple therapy, court ordered for their antagonistic relationship was affecting the kids mental state, but now his new wife is jealous and forbids him from talking to the mother of his kids. He, like a fool, listens to his insecure wife. So my niece has to get involved in adult things and asked him if he found a job yet and he said no. My sister got on the line and he hung up. Now we can see who the problem parent is and why this has lasted for two years, the court hearings that is. Two counselors have gone before this same judge and told him that these kids should not be alone with the dad and his wife. The judge said that he still has heard no evidence that should stop the dads visitation or give him supervised visitations. The judge just warned the dad that he better keep up with his child support payments and that was two months ago. He gets really angry that my sister takes him to court, but he doesn’t pay medical bills of the kids, now owes $5000.00, or the child support and gets away with it. We feel that the reason he has is because he is a cop. Not to mention the child abuse he and his wife have done to the kids and that too was reported to the judge and pictures shown and he did not stop visitations. The judge said it is child protectives job to take the kids away and CPS says that it is the judges responsibility. So nothing gets done.

I do believe he is working and I will call two police stations in the area. Someone here already, a deputy, said it is public information and I will call to see if he was hired. I just find it hard to believe that in two months he can’t find a job as a police officer. My own city here is hiring and in need of officers. The two police departments near where he lives also is hiring for I checked online. If he is not working, it is because he doesn’t so that he doesn’t have to pay my sister all that money that he owes. He was suppose to go to another couple therapy on this Wednesday, but told his daughter that he will not be going. He breaks the law so much and lies and gets away with it.:frowning:


Thanks Andy for the information. I will try this.


We believe that he is being paid under the table somewhere for he needs to work to maintain his new family.

My niece has seen him in two uniforms. One we know about and he is an auxillary with the highway patrol, but they don’t get paid. The other uniform is black. I don’t know if he is a guard, but she can read and I told her to look at the patch and read it.

My sister has told her attorney and gave her ex-husband SSN for she had it memorize when he was in the military, and the attorney will research it, but she wants to take him back to court. My sister refused this only because the counselor said no more court dates in front of her and her ex in one of their couple’s counseling session, but this Wednesday she is going to talk to her and tell her that she has to do what she needs to do to get paid the child support and the medical bills. She is not rich and needs this money for my parents are the ones paying all medical bills of the kids and my sister’s attorney’s fee, plus the household expenses. My sister’s job does not pay enough for her to cover all this. I help too and giving her some money on a monthly basis.


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