How to forgive people

In my head , I say if I forgive everybody in the world. But then I get worried that im not and im scared of going to hell. How do I truly know if I forgin eveybody. I also ask to god to forgive evetybody whose done me wrong

Forgiveness is not based in our feelings–it’s an act of our wills. So, we pray that God will give us the grace to forgive and then we will to do so. Don’t fear hell because of your feelings. It is how you act on your feelings that is important not that you have them, good or bad. :slight_smile:

I can remember years ago during a great talk by our catechist while we were preparing for our first sacrament of reconciliation about should we confess a sin we don’t feel bad about, guilt about, lack an emotional response about (crying, being depressed etc) and we were told that if we know it was wrong, are sorry we did it, don’t want to do it again the yes, of course we tell the priest the sin. As long as we know it was wrong and wish we didn’t do it and don’t ever want to do it again - confess. An emotional response to having sinned is not required such as feeling very bad or guilty or crying or getting all depressed and such.

This ties in, for me, with forgiveness and I am not an overly emotional person and have a strong tendency to state what I think about any given subject and if it ‘upsets’ someone that’s on them as I am not responsible for the emotional reaction of others to what I say or write.

I’ve both forgiven and been forgiven by people. It’s about the will for me not my emotions. If I have intentionally offended another I apologize but I’m not all ‘oh my I really upset this person and I feel so, so bad and then bawl for an hour’ and more ‘what have I done! I was wrong and I did this with the intent to hurt him/her and this is NOT the way we treat our brother’ and I apologize with sincerity. If they accept it great, if not, hey, it’s on them now.

So for me I’d say focus on the will and forget about strong emotion as emotion comes and goes and changes but the will is what stays constant. Focus on your will. Great question and thanks for asking.

The first step is prayer in which it enables ‘one’ to open up their Heart to God for Healing about the situation, contrition and penance (attending Reconciliation is the right way weekly) and in the interim period as you are doing, asking for forgiveness one on one with God.

If you pray The Holy Rosary or Our Fathers or Hail Mary’s or other Prayers that Jesus left us to say, this will open up your Heart more and more, coming closer to Jesus Christ our Saviour and you will undoubtedly ‘know’, ‘feel’ ‘trust’ and have more confidence in Jesus/God (The Holy Trinity) being there listening and in Communion with you!

Then you will never have to pose this question throughout your Life and Soul journey again!

Focussing on His Stations of His Cross and what Jesus endured while you are praying The Holy Rosary (twice a day if you can) will open up your Heart to Jesus in ways you would never have dreamt!

Love and best wishes

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