How to gain a sponsor?

Does every person entering RCIA need to find and select their own sponsor or are they (can they be) assigned?

We don’t know many people within our parish well enough to commit to sponsorship~
We also want to be careful that those we select actually believe and follow what the Church teaches and practices…any thoughts or suggestions?

When I went through, I talked to the priest about it. I was a student in a different city than the one I grew up in. I didn’t know anyone in the parish at all. Everyone else in my RCIA class had already chosen someone important to them, but I didn’t know anyone well enough to ask. I just went to the priest and told him about my situation. He contacted a guy in the parish who occasionally stopped by RCIA if we were talking about something he was interested in, so I knew who it was. My priest just asked him if he wanted to do it, and the guy said he’d be glad to.

It helped I guess that my priest actually taught the class every week so he got to know me fairly well. I had a really good RCIA experience compared to some of the ones I hear about on here. Our materials were the Bible, the Catechism, and Peter Kreeft’s “Catholic Christianity”. I enjoyed it and got a solid foundation.

Congratulations! I hope you have a great experience.

Agree completely. This is what worked for me, as I was in a similar situation. Most folks willing to sponsor are very dedicated to their faith, as well. I am sure you would be set up with someone devoted to Catholic teaching. Now, don’t confuse their patience and quiet resolve with being “wishy washy”…I have found the folks who work closest with RCIA programs are very, very gentle in getting folks on the right track.

In my parish the RCIA team finds sponsors for you. Exactly as you’ve stated, it’s not reasonable to think that someone new to the parish would know someone who would be a good sponsor. Talk with your RCIA director about this.

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