How to get into rcia?

How can I get into the rcia program I contacted the church in my parish but they never get back to me I was baptized but never made confirmation or communion?

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Contact the parish again. Make an appointment to speak with the pastor. Speak to him after mass if necessary.

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Ok thanks. Do I have to show any baptismal record?

And don’t be discouraged if they don’t get back. The parish office is usually pretty busy. Persistence is the key.

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Eventually, yes, a record from the denomination in which you were baptized (for denominations that give baptismal certificates) or an affidavit of baptism from a witness to the baptism (some denominations don’t record baptisms, so I’m that case an affidavit will suffice). You can sign the affidavit yourself if you were over the age of reason when you were baptized. If you know you were baptized but cannot obtain proof, the priest will do a conditional baptism.

Simply talk to the pastor and he will tell you what needs doing.

I was baptized catholic just didn’t make confirmation and communion.

If you have a friend who is Catholic at the Church you wish to seek entry, ask them if they would like to be your sponsor. But, don’t worry if this hasn’t been met. If so, ask them to help you take the first step of signing up for an RCIA class. Bookmark the Church website and save their phone number for reminder purposes. In the meantime, send away for a “cheat sheet” here:

It’s 100% free and very helpful!
Happy Holidays!

I don’t have any friends.

Van Gogh and Nikola Tesla probably didn’t have friends either.

If you called during Advent, it’s likely no one would called back. It is a very busy time for any parish. Call again a few days after January 1 and you should get a better response.

In that case, your priest can obtain your baptismal records easily.

Your priest will determine whether RCIA or adult confirmation is the appropriate path for you.

Also, talk to your priest about making a good confession and reception of holy communion, which need not wait any longer, indeed confession should begin as soon as possible.

Your pastor will guide you.

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I need to do this it’s long overdue.

As 1ke notes, you might not even have to go through RCIA since the Church says that anyone who has been baptized Catholic always remains one. And RCIA is for those wanting to come into the Church, not come back to it. But the priest might think it is necessary because RCIA can give you super good information. But just call a priest and he’ll help you.

Ok I will tomorrow.

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RCIA typically starts in late Aug or early Sept. So it’s a bit late now and they may not be accepting new registrations. Not sure what the cut off is for your parish though.

As someone else mentioned, a good sit down with the Parish priest and/or maybe the RCIA director can lead to determination if RCIA is even necessary at all. If you are a well grounded Christian with fundamental understanding of the Catholic faith, you may not need it.

I applaud you for saying yes to God and drawing close to the Church. The Lord be with you on your journey.

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