How to get my wife back to Church?


I am now a non Catholic but will begin the RCIA classes in September, and I am very excited. My wife is Catholic yet rarely attends mass. How can i get her back into wanting to attend church with me. Also, I wanted to have our marriage and home be more religious. Any suggestions?


First don’t push her or if she is like me she is likely to become the unmovable wall. I would just start living my own faith and gently bring more of the spirit of catholism into my home through my own actions. You can ask her to come to mass to explain things to you but again back away if you meet resistance. Be a good example of how much the church is blessing your life and can bless your family this is the strongest argument you can make and it is done without saying a single word.


Would she come to RCIA classes with you? You can both go through them ( at least in my parish you can ) and learn together and attend together and grow together :slight_smile: She will definitely have something to learn. Is she going to let you go to mass by yourself?


I’ve not listened to it all, but Patrick Madrid has talks called “Search & Rescue” on getting Catholics back to the Church. There is also a book of the same name. And I much respect Mr. Madrid. :smiley:


If you’re interested in the Rosary, you can feign ignorance and ask her to help you. My wife and I started a year ago (although without the deception), and now pray the Rosary together several times a week. This prompts much discussion. ("He went to hell for three days? What was he doing there?!?!)

It might get her started.


What ever you do, let it be HER decision. You do what you feel you must for YOU. She, hopefully, will learn from your example and want to follow.



Pray and fast for her, don’t make a show of it, just do it.


I would say that to get her back to the church is to set a good example as a soon-to-be Catholic. Before you even begin the RCIA classes in September, attend mass …even if by yourself … don’t push her to go with you. Aslo, if there is anything that you need to improve yourself to show her that you are changing. This will be a great sign for your wife to think of. Praying for her always.

and continue doing so with love after you are received into the Church.

God bless you and your family.


What happened to your wife to make her not want to attend mass? It is not uncommon for anyone to loose faith sometime in their lives, but with prayer it comes back. I went through a time when it seemed that God had abandoned me, I did not want to attend mass. Pray!

Love and peace,

Mom of 5


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