How to get our parish to have TLM

Now, with the Moto Proprio, it should be no problem to have our parish have TLM once a month or so. What is the best, i.e. most effective, way to approach this?

Dear Ignatius,

The easiest way to go about it is to put a request in to your parish priest. That of course does not mean that you will have your request granted. For example if your priest does not feel that he is able to provide the Latin Mass he can say no. Or for example you are not a registered member of the parish, or there are not enough members in the parish to support the TLM, the parish priest may refuse to grant your request. Of course the priest has to also be concerned about the directions that his bishop gives him as well.

Hope that helps,

Br Mark, OSB

There is a great deal of enthusiasm for the 1962 Missal. Part and parcel of the Missal is the issue of the correct vestments etc. (all of which can be obtained, but some of which, for some parishes, may be relatively expensive given their budget). In addition, there is the issue of learning the rubrics. Priests before tyhe changes learned the rubrics; it is not impossible, but neither is it something that one goes about doing with a one or two day seminar. In addition, there need to be trained altar boys.

In short, it is not something that is automatically going to roll out in a month or two. There is also the issue of Latin; there have been those who have at least implied that if the priest can parrot with correct pronunciation, that is all that is necessary; but that would fly in the face of the amount of Latin that priests used to learn; again, we are not talking about a 5 day crash course in latin; it used to be at least two years of College Latin (and having taken Latin in high school and then again in college, there was a difference betwen the two…).

Looking at the MP for what it actually says, myuch has been made of the bishop not having any say in the matter; however, in three articles the bishop is noted. My bet is that the bishop is going to have something to do with how, when, where, and under what circumstances (e.g. training) the 1962 Missal is going to be used publicly as opposed to privately.

When I have mentioned this in other threads, I have been chastized as if I were throwing cold water on the subject. I mean no such thing; the above issues are sinmply factual.

In addition, if the Mass is to be said publicly, there is either going to have to be enough support for it in a parish that it will supplant one of the already scheduled Masses, or be in addition to them, and that is just the reality of the priest’s need to respond not only to the needs of those who wish the 1962 Missal, but those who wish the current Missal.

It will all sort itself out; have patience, practice charity, and ask. It would help if you actually knew others in the parish who also wish to have the Mass. I don’t know the size of your parish, but one person out of a 100 family parish is not very many people; one out of a 500 family parish seems even smaller in numbers.

And if you have some interest in the issue and find others who do also, but not too many by your own counting, then you might try to work with others in neighboring parishes to joing together to work something out.

I asked our parish priest last night after Mass if they were thinking about offering the Latin Mass and he very nicely, but bluntly said that they were not. It is true that in this diocese we have had access to the Latin Mass already liberally and he said since this was the case that my parish would bot be doing so. He mentioned we have no High Altar and since a Church with the TLM was fairly close by…that was the end of it. I knew this would be the case since never a mention of the TLM has even been made since July 7.


I would definitely talk to my parish priest, as suggested. If your parish is not doing it, I would either ask my priest or check with the diocese to see if and where a nearby parish is offering the TLM. I have been very blessed with a nearby Church offering a TLM every Sunday.

As far as vestments are concerned, I was talking to one of the men who serves in the Mass, and he said such places as Ebay have been lifesavers as far as obtaining these vestments. They can be very expensive, in the thousands of dollars, but many times they can be had for much less on sites such as Ebay.

I also got my 1962 missal on Ebay, although the Church where I attend offers missals every Sunday along with a printout of that day’s readings.

As far as the Latin is concerned, I think this is going to be the biggest stumbling block. I was talking to a priest recently who was ordained over 40 years ago. He took intensive Latin back then, I think he said something like 7 years. Everything he studied was in Latin. But I don’t think that’s true any more, and that will put today’s priests at a great disadvantage.

I hope you are able to find a TLM closeby. I have found it to be a tremendous blessing.


I understand in my diocese (after talking to my seminary-student-friend) that our bishop is looking for priests who can celebrate the extraordinary rite. With 40 years of NO Masses, I would imagine it would be hard-pressed to find priest who can celebrate this rite.

My friend is taking Latin this semester…:smiley:

I’m not sure. It really depends on the resources of the parish or diocese, and many other factors, like how fast the priest can pick up Latin and learn the rite. It also depends on the demand, I suppose. So like what some of the previous posters said, it may be helpful to ask the parish priest. Other than that, I’m not sure what else to do. I think the Pope left it to each archdiocese to decide whether they will have TLM, so I guess it depends on that, too. All in all, I’d feel very lucky and blessed if one were available in my area.

Would love to go to one!

In so many places there is one priest to a parish. Here in this diocese, a parish must have more than 2,800 families to qualify for one additional priest (associate pastor). You will quite often see a pastor saying 4 masses a weekend by himself - along with MANY other responsibilities.

I just can’t see it being a high priority for most pastors to add this to their work load, even with a “stable group” of people who want it. The number would have to be quite high for them to reasonably do so.

let us, then, pray for more stamina!

Give him a few weeks to forget about conversation one.
Then, if there are quite a few parishioners going to the TLM parish, put to him the undesireability of a “pick and choose your parish” model of the Church.

We have a tiny parish and enough people showed interest in the TLM that Father is going to learn it and has ordered translated missals. But he said it would be a year or two before we are up to speed to have one a week. Tim

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